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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by ks-waterbug, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Subject: U.S. Air Force announcement on foreign aircraft purchase

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Well. Here we go again.

    The U.S. Taxpayer is again going to subsidize a foreign government and way of life.

    The U.S. Air Force in some stroke of genius has decided to procure a French/German designed and built commercial aircraft and convert it into an aerial refueling tanker.

    I hope the officers responsible for this decision have looked forward into the future and have tallied up the true cost to you and I, the taxpayer, over the next 40 or 50 years. After all that's how long the current Air Force Tanker has been flying around, and I would fully expect the KC-45A to be lasting at least that long.

    Did they take into consideration the cost in updates, repairs and redesigns that will go into these aircraft over the next 40 years. All being accomplished by French/German Aircraft Workers rather than in American Plants by American Workers.

    Did they take into consideration that all the materials, sheet metal and stock sizes of parts, the fasteners, nuts, bolts and rivets are all foreign manufactured and are all metric sizes. Not in inches. That all the engineering drawings are in first angle projection, not third angle the way we draw in the United States. All the current  Technical Manuals are in French or German. And must be translated into English.  Is the Air Force planning on buying all new tool kits to be supplied to all the Air Bases that will be maintaining the KC-45A.

    I hope they looked up the maintenance history of the KC-135 aircraft. And have come up with a dollar figure that was spent in the United States to maintain this fleet of aircraft over the past 45 years. And have come up with a dollar figure of how much we will be spending in France/Germany over the next 45 years to maintain the KC-45A. All dollars that should be spent here so it goes back in our pockets not theirs.

    What a nation of short sited fools we are. Do we really believe Northrop-Grumman is building this airplane in Mobile, Alabama. Heck no, it is being built lock stock and barrel in France/Germany. Then flown to the United States. There to have a foreign designed and built refueling system added to the aircraft. Boy that's a lot of work for Mobile, Alabama.
    I can't imagine what they are so excited about. Maybe the really think they are going to build an aircraft.

    My complaint is not with the aircraft design chosen, my complaint is in subsidizing the French/German Aerospace Industry instead of the American Aerospace Industry with our money. I wish I could have had seven or eight weeks of government subsidized vacation or as the call it in Europe "ËœHolidays' each year. If the KC-45A aka A330 is such a great design and so superior to the converted 767 airframe, lets buy the design and license rights to build it in the United States.
    We did with the English Electric "ËœCanberra' in the 1950's, and are still doing today with the Hawker (BAE) "ËœHarrier' (AV-8) and "ËœHawk' (T-45) Trainer. These designs were purchased outright. American workers were able to earn livable wages paid for with our taxes in the United States.

    Shame on you Northrop-Grumman, you have basically sold your own nation down the river for whatever minor profit you are going to make selling Airbus Aircraft as if they were your own. What a shameful act by one of the oldest most respected Aircraft Corporations in the United States. Jack Northrop and Leroy Grumman are rolling over in their graves.

    This is just one more act of stupidity proffered upon the American public that is planting the seeds of destruction of the American way of life.
    Walter T. Koch
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    Already done waterbug, we should pin this [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    what is their reason? $$
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    Peoria, Arizona
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    New York
    Done... what are they thinking?
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    Thank you.....
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    Done deal Sonny, what the.......are they thinking?
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    "watching the pinheads"
    Done. [​IMG]

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    North of Seattle
    We should all probably sell our Japanese Bikes, Italian Riding Gear, Chinese and Japanese Tvs, Playstations, etc... Better sell your Japanese, Korean, German, or Canadian made Cars and Trucks too. Wonder how many thousands of American Workers were put out on the street because the Japanese are making a better product?

    I mean it is a superior product right? Are we saying that our Hayabusa's are Inferior to a Buell but we choose them anyway? No???

    What if the Government stepped in and said "STOP you MUST buy this American product"? What kind of BS would that be?

    How about if Unions providing ludicrous wages for unskilled labor were scaled back a bit? What if we as Americans started taking pride in OUR work and actions and NOT in our Unions ability to land a company in Bankruptcy. How about instead of Americans walking around with their beer bellies and arrogance we actually create better products than the rest of the world and really have something to stomp about? How about that?

    We as a country and a people are capable of creating the best products in the world, but instead we've been sitting around letting the rest of the world (Japan etc.) kick our butts up one side and down the other in just about ANY measurable way. Right now our position in the world is that of the Oversized Slightly retarded Kid with a big stick on the school playground... Nobody argues, nobody dares mess with us yet, but we're slipping. In WWII and just after we were the Technological, Industrial, and Engineering power house. But now? Other countries used to look at the United States as a Model, they went to our schools, they studied our techniques and as we've gotten fat, arrogant, and lazy, they've taken the American dream of our Grandfathers/Fathers in the 50's and freaking ran away with it...

    It seems other countries now have a lot more "Can Do American Spirit" than the United States and that's a dangerous place for us to be...

    Be certain to enjoy your Trip to Wal-Mart and it's made in China Dollar dropping prices, enjoy your new Toyota, riding your Japanese Motorcycle and watching your Japanese H-D TV but it's obviously some Air Force acquisition Officer that's ANTI-AMERICAN???

    I dunno, I get it, I understand folks being upset, but this "pick and choose patriotism" and the notion of having the US government step in doesn't make sense and sets up a dangerous precedent.
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    There is a bigger picture most will never see.

    It is political, it is all about power and it is not unusual for one country to provide military applicable support to two other countries who are both in conflict with each other.

    French contractors have some involvement with the US, and France also had ties with Iraq under Saddam's reign. Which is one of the biggest reasons France would not back an invasion, they knew if we kicked the crap out of Iraq they would lose millions of dollars the former Iraqi government had owed France.

    That is just the tip of it, but things get pretty deep when it comes to internal dealings all the countries have with each other.

    In addition our world is becoming and will become a global economy, there will no longer be us and them, it will all be us. The problem is people cannot see the big picture, or it is difficult to grasp, however I will try to put it in simple terms.

    I live in a small town, not too many high paying jobs, if I want to get a good paying job I need to commute at least 30 to 60 minutes.

    Some people commute 2 hours each way to work.

    My wife works with a lady whos husband is a fireman in the bay area, about a good 3 hour drive, he drives to the bay area and sleeps at the firehouse for 4 days and comes home for I think 3 days.

    My brother had thought about moving out of California to Texas to get a job because he cant find anything decent in the area he lives.

    As our society grows and our world becomes more intertwined this will become more and more common place. Like it or not, if the planet survives all the internal squabbling, we will eventually become one economy, more and more people will marry interracially and eventually we will all become the same color.

    Transportation will be improved so travel will be faster, they are already building a high speed rail system in California that will allow people to travel from San Francisco to LA in under 2 1/2 hours

    More and more workers are telecommuting.

    The federal government even has an office and web site that provides telecommuting for government employees.

    My point is it is becoming easier and easier to go to where the work is, either moving, high-speed travel or telecommuting.

    The world is moving closer and closer to a one world government and a global economy.

    Nothing is bad about a one world government, instead of a country being under the control of a handful of people the world will be under the control of a handful of people, in the end when it trickles down to our day to day lives it will be all the same.

    Yes, losing local jobs sucks, but if you think big picture and are willing to move to where the work is then it can be overcome
  11. WWJD

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    I'm with REV on this one... and by that I mean *I* am part of this problem too: fat, lazy American. But as the lines between borders slowly evaporate, so shall the generation's interest in bothering with borders. And yes... it's ALWAYS about money... for someone
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    Would be valid except for one little tiny thing! American built and backed tankers have been flying sucessfully for over forty years! The German/French built Tanker hasn't passed ONE OUNCE of fuel EVER! Better technology? I think not! So, that theory not only doesn't hold water but FUEL either. [​IMG]

    Also, as to an Airbus defending/supporting American skyways; I've always said why buy a bus when you can fly a limo (Boeing Baby)..... Nuff said
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    Done [​IMG]
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    Bend, Oregon
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    Signed Sonny!
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    If it has ANYTHING to do with the  [​IMG] FRENCH [​IMG] , I'am AGAINST IT [​IMG]  

    Yeah, I'am still Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed   [​IMG]  at them for aiding in the Deaths of Unnessary US Troops with their EQUIPMENT SALES and Bribery of Government Officials Overseas  [​IMG]

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    Thanx y'all!!! I build the 767 pressure Dome @ Vought Aircraft [​IMG] [​IMG] ft
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    Christiana TN
    [​IMG] sign'd
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    Actually what their excues is, the NG tanker has a higher capacity.


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