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Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Cjbowler, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Cjbowler

    Cjbowler Registered

    I want to listen to tunes as I ride but I'm undecided on the method. There are two options and please tell me what you would choose and why. Busa tunes or the torch blinc t22 helmet. Let me know.

  2. saygbye

    saygbye 10 sec L Donating Member

    neither for me. its dangerous enough out there. i dont need to be distracted by music. got a car for that.

    besides my busa is "music" to my ears.

    my .02
  3. Hayabusawannabe

    Hayabusawannabe Registered

    I use my Zune and ear buds. I don't turn it up very much cause I want to hear what's going on around me.
  4. Sum Beach

    Sum Beach Registered

    Dont listen to tunes when I ride. I wear ear plugs. My hearing is damaged enough already.
  5. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    I have a small MP3 with ear buds.
  6. mattd428

    mattd428 Registered

    i have small head phones i plug into my phone
  7. war69

    war69 Registered

    Sema bluetooth no wires and the sound is awsome.

    JGGUNS Registered

    Agreed. +1
  9. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator

    I have music on my droid with ear buds.
  10. busastalker05

    busastalker05 Registered

    I use the HTC and earbuds at a safe listening level. Still able to everything while able to block out all the harleys around here

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  11. Big Bo

    Big Bo Registered

    My son says I am old school for having the mp3 player, and not using my iphone to listen to music.
  12. OneTrueRider

    OneTrueRider Registered

    I use an ipod w/ear buds and have a wireless remote mounted near the clutch reservoir with a velcro strap. I wouldn't advise using one without the ability to control the volume.
  13. ScottC

    ScottC Registered

    + 1 (I had to write this part because my message was too short for + 1 lol)
  14. Strife

    Strife Donating Member

    Check your local laws on having stuff in your ear buds in your ears while going down the road. It's illegal in some states.
  15. BigBadDodge

    BigBadDodge Registered

    I got a cheap mp3 with ear buds i just started using on the bike, only issue i have is i tend to snag my jacket or vest collar with the cord at times, woman has the little speakers in the helmet with just a single wire that comes down with a volume knob right there where you can get to it. They're illegal out here but with taking a helmet off with a cop behind you, just grab the cords drop inside your jacket, i havent had a issue yet.
  16. 2112Rush2112

    2112Rush2112 Registered

    Just curious.....what wireless remote do you use?
  17. brpo

    brpo Registered

    +1 on the droid
  18. Big Bo

    Big Bo Registered

    Your mp3 player has to be inside of your jacket. I place mine in a pocket, the cord from the player to the e-buds is wrapped around the player so as to not have slack cord hanging in the way. MP3 player in inside pocket, e-buds in ears, zip jacket all the way up. Make sure cord is not in the way of zipper. Collar closed with enough play in the cords to turn head side to side without resistence. Put helmet on, enjoy the tunes and ride.
  19. PB1

    PB1 Formerly Rosung Petty Registered

    Just purchase a bluetooth helmet. I use one and love it.

  20. Slow.

    Slow. Registered


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