Headlight/Tail light not getting power

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by lil_schmitty, May 10, 2010.

  1. lil_schmitty

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    I have an 01 Busa and neither the headlight or the tail light are getting power to them. Volt meter readings at the headlight as well as the connector to the main harness read 0 Volts. (the front blinkers get voltage at the same main connector when turned on).

    I have checked all the fuses in the fuse box located on top of the left ram air cover.

    All lights and functions work on my gauge cluster except for the bright light indicator.

    I haven't done any work on the bike since the last time they both worked. Any ideas?! Thanks-
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  2. papi_ocho

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    wishing i was more familar with how the busa wiring is set up...

    but ultimaly you can work in 2 directions...
    1.. continuity from the bulbs back... posivitive and negative. every single wire in the curcuit.
    SAFER doesnt blow fuses

    2. VOLTS. positives and grounds. from the battery all the way to the bulbs...
    may blow a fuse or two messing with test leads(paper clips)

    trouble shooting tip of the day:
    if the wire is coming from, lets say, cdi, rectifier, something you dont want to cut open just to test,

    use a safty pin to poke thru the wire and this gives you a test point. if you going to keep using the test point close the safty pin and keep there till the testing is completed(watch for blown fuses)

    good luck.. again wishing i was more knowlegeable about the busa wireing set up..
  3. schleife

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    Moin moin,

    check the light switch on the right handlebar. Open it and check if you have 12 V there.
    Come back with your findings...

  4. BusaWhipped

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    If I understood your problem it's very odd. The low beam, high beam, and tail lights are all separate circuits but none work. The tail light and the turn signals are on the same circuit, but the turn signals work and the tail light don't?
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  5. lil_schmitty

    lil_schmitty Registered

    Yea, I have no clue what the deal is. I've been out of town the past couple days so will dig into it again tomorrow evening. I'll post an update with my findings.
  6. lil_schmitty

    lil_schmitty Registered

    There is no power to the light switch on the LEFT handlebar. all blinkers work and the brake light works (only when brakes are applied. Running tail light does not work)
  7. lil_schmitty

    lil_schmitty Registered

    I have continunity from the headlight, to the switch and into the fuse box. I can not track the wires from the fuse box back to the ECU. Is there another junction I am missing inbetween the fuse box and the ECU harness?
  8. rusheriv

    rusheriv Registered

    I've been studing the wire diagrams, but can't find a common link other than the ignition switch. There's an orange wire from the ignition that feeds power to the headlights and turn indicators. Then there's a brown wire from the ignition that feeds power to the tail running lights.
  9. rusheriv

    rusheriv Registered

    Have you inspected or disconnected the two harness connectors (yellow) there by the fuse block?

    One of them connects power to the ignition switch which in turn sends power to the electical system.
    The other connects all the handle bar switches to their components.
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  10. lil_schmitty

    lil_schmitty Registered

    All the wires at the fuse box look good. Can you send me a link to the wiring diagram?

    Thanks again for your help. I'll keep you updated on my progress.
  11. rusheriv

    rusheriv Registered

    Wiring diagram is on page 8-15 in the Shop Manual
    Model codes E-03 USA, E-28 Canada, E-33 California
  12. rusheriv

    rusheriv Registered

    Here's what I was able to trace with the diagram.

    Working from battery to headlight. Battery is direct wired to starter relay, from starter relay a red wire sends power to fuse 6 (fan) and to ignition switch. The ignition switch in ON position sends power to orange wire. The orange wire runs to a harness connector and to fuse 5 (signal). At the connector the orange wire changes to orange/red which loops back to connector and becomes yellow/white. The yellow/white wire carries power to the headlight dimmer switch and to fuse 2 (headlight LO). At fuse 2 the yellow/white wire becomes white and carries power to the LO beam. The headlight dimmer switch in the LO position connects to a white wire that terminates at a connector. The headlight dimmer switch in the HI position it connects to a yellow wire. The yellow wire runs to fuse 1 (headlight HI) and remains yellow, carrying power to the HI beam and the HI beam indicator on speedo. Black/white wire is ground.

    Working from battery to tail light. Battery is direct wired to starter relay, from starter relay a red wire sends power to fuse 6 (fan) and through a harness connector to the ignition switch. The ignition switch in on position sends power to a brown wire and through the connector. From the connector a brown wire carries power to the running lights, tag light and to the "position light" connector in front (not used on US models). Black/white is ground. White/black is switched hot from brake levers.
  13. schleife

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    Moin moin,

    sorry if I bother you but I meant the RIGHT handlebar. The one where you switch the light(s) on and off. The switch in the handlebar "receives" 12V and "distributes" it to the respective harness for
    a) the parking light
    b) headlight (or better to say to the high/lowbeam switch in the LEFT handlebar)

    So, please have another look in the right handlebar....

  14. rusheriv

    rusheriv Registered

    North American models (E-03 USA, E-28 Canada, E-33 California) do not have a on/off light switch, the head, tail and tag lights all come on as soon as the ignition is switched to the on position.
  15. lil_schmitty

    lil_schmitty Registered

    I found part of the problem... now need to track to the source. Neither the white nor the yellow w/ white stripe leads to/from the low light in the fuse box are getting power. If I take a jumper clip and jumper the Orange ignition lead with the white low light lead the headlights come on and both high and low beams work.

    Somewhere I am missing the orange to orange/red to yellow jumper.... not sure how it magicaly disappears because I do not see any bare wires or loose ends anywhere.
  16. lil_schmitty

    lil_schmitty Registered

    .... and I'm a jack ass. Just remembered a while back I sold the kill switch assembly and then replaced it with one from an 05 so I could still start the bike ( I part out bikes and the 05 switch is pretty rashed up... sold the nicer of the two). Just looked closer at the wiring diagram for the 01 vs 05 and the wires going into/out of the two switches are different.... same connector style but different internals in the switch.

    Thanks for the help all... I also got a good crash coarse on tracing electrical wiring.... as usual, the problem was caused by the user :)

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