He scratched my Kanji!!

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Fastfrog007, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    I went out for a ride with some friends on Sunday, the weather was strangly warm for an upstate NY November. I sittin on my bike waitin for everyone to gather up at a friends house when "OOPS!, sorry bro, didnt know i was that close". He was backing his bike up and ran his pipe across my left side fairing. I got off, took stock of the damage to my PERFECT fairing, my LE bodywork has 300mi on it. "You buying me a new one" I said, he agreed. No hard feelings, it was an accident, but none the less i was sitting there and he was movin, so...

    I already PM'ed Goldenchild and sure enough, Hes got one and a great price. ::4 Goldenchild:cheerleader:

    So now the "old" fairing is for sale in the classified section to help offset his cost of the replacement. The scratch is through the Kanji and into the silver a bit. Its not deep but did take some paint off. PM if interested, askin $325.

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  2. driftboat

    driftboat Registered

    Sorry to hear about that , must of been a friend riding a Honda Heh? . :laugh:
  3. trekfuel

    trekfuel Registered

    I feel for you.


    ANTON BUSA Registered

    bum one::4
  5. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    That always irritates the **** out of me,every time you(i)attend any gathering a lot of the people there think they have to squeeze right up next to you(particularly the younger crowd).I always try to park off a little to myself.
  6. busa-saga

    busa-saga Registered

    so if u were sitting on your bike...didnt u see it coming???
  7. slash

    slash Registered

    and people call me anal! i feel you man! that would irritate the c r a p out of me!
  8. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Chit happens
  9. outlawbusa

    outlawbusa 1 wheel up aero testing Donating Member

    Glad he manned up about it~!~ ::4
  10. Destin07

    Destin07 Registered

    haha damn man that is such a tiny little scratch, smear ect....and you gonna put a whole new fairing on it!! Man I use to probably be the most anal person of anyone on 2 wheels. After so long it will consume you and wear you out. Just wait till you start getting rock chips from somebody kickin stuff up in front of you. Life is so much easier after I stopped wiggin out about stuff like that. LOL...least he is paying for it though:thumbsup:
  11. BlueHaya

    BlueHaya I'm outta here!!!! Donating Member

    Good thing he manned up.....well, if you get the new one or the money.
    But, should you not give him your old one or at least pass the $$ from the sale to him?
    If it was me and it was my friend thats what I would do.....actually I would not even have asked a friend to buy a new one. Now if it was someone I did not know well...then yea.
  12. NickSully

    NickSully Donating Member

    I believe he stated that he was selling his scratched one to help offset the cost of the new one for the friend:

    Glad the friend did the right thing. I would be upset if someone hit my bike too.
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  13. BlueHaya

    BlueHaya I'm outta here!!!! Donating Member

    guess I should have read it all:laugh:
  14. 84Ninja

    84Ninja Registered

    I hate that!

    I was backing in my '84 Ninja towards the rear of my Busa and the license plate on the Ninja gouges the can. I was livid since the Busa is almost minty!!

    Speaking of the can, I'm sure somebody thinks I'm an ass for never following up on buying his..just been so busy..
  15. carlsbadbusa

    carlsbadbusa BANNED BY MC MUSTANG Donating Member

    **** doesn't happen, stoopid people does:whistle:
  16. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    Getting it fixed, a true friend:thumbsup:
  17. DEMMYM

    DEMMYM Donating Member Registered

    That really sucks, Let us know if he really pays up.
  18. Fastfrog007

    Fastfrog007 Donating Member Registered

    driftBoat-Yeah it was a Honda, 600f3, jealously made hom do it:laugh:

    Busaga- nope, was talking to the guy on the right, lesson learned, im parking even further away then I used to, but that pretty Busa is an attractant:whistle:

    He already paid half so the new one is ordered and once the old one sells we should be square

    84ninja, no worries, cans are still in the garage, just where i left em
  19. Shean

    Shean Registered

    Can hardly see the scratch.
  20. DEMMYM

    DEMMYM Donating Member Registered

    But it is there, It would Drive me Crazy, Im still in that anal mode about Misty being Clean and Purdy.

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