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  1. jeffroe334

    jeffroe334 Registered

    How's this look for a trike-busa?  I think its a waste of a busa personally.

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  2. Bird Hunter

    Bird Hunter Donating Member

    Yeah, I prefer a hot chick to ride a regular bike instead of a trike...

    Poor Ninja !!!! [​IMG]

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  3. HooDude

    HooDude Registered

    If he dated better looking women he wouldn't need a trike [​IMG]
  4. jeffroe334

    jeffroe334 Registered

    my thoughts exactly....poor busa
  5. JR'S BUSA

    JR'S BUSA The BMW Parts Guy Donating Member

  6. SHADiGUY1

    SHADiGUY1 IT IS WHAT IT IS Donating Member

    that is foul and a [​IMG]
  7. woodwheel

    woodwheel Registered

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] what a waste...
  8. Joker

    Joker Registered

    Not for me.  I like mine with a small rear.  Both of them. [​IMG]

    BIKE DUDE Donating Member

    This has been up b4 and I hate cottage cheese.
  10. VelvetJones

    VelvetJones Registered

    You guys send all the big girls my way. They wont be on my bike, but they can ride something else. Big girls need love 2.

    (within reason)

  11. HooDude

    HooDude Registered

    Who cares if it's a repost. 90% of the stuff on here is a repost.

    -Which Exhaust?
    -What about lowering?
    -Why are my dyno numbers low?
    -Who likes the Yosh R-77?
    -What about this mod or that mod?

    If you guys are gonna call [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] then make sure to be fair and scream "Use the #$@%ing Search Button!!" on those other posts.
  12. Ramojello

    Ramojello Registered

    Saw that trike on super bikes. Think hes from daytona.
  13. Ramojello

    Ramojello Registered

    Oops, bike was at daytona for bike week. The guys name is Mike Smonazek. Episode 7 of super bikes season 3.
  14. 300Busa

    300Busa Chillaxin... Donating Member

    I have heard that before too....so I guess I can use [​IMG]

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