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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OB_abadonn, Jan 10, 2000.

  1. OB_abadonn

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    My 'busa (s/h) came sans Owners Manual, blagged by the first owner as
    souvenir no doubt. Buggered if I'm gonna buy one at some exorbitant price from Suzuki.

    However I do need to know some bits about suspension settings if anyone can help me ..cos mine wallows a bit in corners.

    The preload adjustment is fairly clear but I would like to know the settings for the damping.. the front has a little screw but I need to know whether clockwise is more damping or less.

    The back apparently has 2 settings, one at the bottom and a screw at the top, can anyone help me with this. A scan of the manual could help.

    If ya can provide some details I would much appreciate it.

    I guess any binaries should be emailed to me tho!.

    You'll find a few 'busa pictures (amongst many others) at my website http://www.users.bigpond.com/abadonn/


  2. OB_abadonn

    OB_abadonn Registered

    Thanks for that...I'll give it a try in the next few days if the weather cools down (100degs here).
    I'm not entirely sure where/how these settings physically are but I guess I'll find them....have to check them out with my local shop. Only I feel a bit guilty 'cos I bought the bike from a different shop.

  3. OB_KawAbuser

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    Pick up a Suzuki service manual, it is worth the money ($55 us).

    If you get in a total jam let me know and I will scan some pages for you till you get a manual.

  4. OB_Juanski

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    Don't buy the owners manual just for that..it is a big thick book but only 1/7 of it is in English so its a bit of a waste. I found these recommended settings on the web somewhere and recorded them for reference as tested settings for that particular rider...

    Preload= 2.5 lines showing
    Compression= out 2 clicks
    Rebound= out 2 clicks

    Preload= 1.25" of sag
    Compression= out 5 clicks
    Rebound= out 7 clicks

    I hope that helps get you close anyway.

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