gsxr 1000 k7 tail on busa

Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by aaronrose1, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. aaronrose1

    aaronrose1 Registered

    I'm new to the forum and don't own a busa but am planning on buying a 08. My question is how hard would it be to convert the tail section on the 08 busa to that of a gsxr 1000 k7? I saw a pic it done somewhere online and really like the way it came out.
  2. solarbarack

    solarbarack Donating Member

    I'm not sure, but here's a free bump. I'd be interested to see how this was done.
  3. rockadaous

    rockadaous mod-a-holic Donating Member

    it's been done. i wouldn't mind doing it myself

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  4. JusPlaynBob

    JusPlaynBob Registered

    ....and I like it!!

    In Black, of course.

    NINJA KILLER JUST CRUISN ' Donating Member

  6. asaelle_1

    asaelle_1 Registered

    I just looked @ this bike in a copy of a magazine @ wally world a few days ago I will see if I can find it again when I go back and post the magazine name for all that is interested.
  7. youkoolele

    youkoolele Registered

    nice! and youll probably remove 20 pounds !
  8. Kento-Moto

    Kento-Moto Hayabusa Immortal Moderator

    The after market folks HAVE to come up with something soon for that ugly butt. [​IMG]
  9. GMbusa

    GMbusa Even a caveman can do it. Donating Member

    You'll need a complete tail assembly and subframe from a GSXR1K for that mod.
  10. BusaWizard

    BusaWizard On a Steel Horse I ride. Donating Member

  11. Revolution

    Revolution revolution custom paint Donating Member

  12. busa2001

    busa2001 Registered

    i would like to see something like that on the market... [​IMG]
  13. DaCol.

    DaCol. D' Colonel Donating Member

    It's 2 Wheel Tuner  [​IMG] ! Hard to find in some places. And yeah, there is work to be done to make that change. You better get with someone who knows how to change the rear assemble AND adjust whatever is needed. It's NOT a pure clean swap  [​IMG]
  14. NX95240

    NX95240 Registered

    heck i like to have one on my 06' that look sweet
  15. solarbarack

    solarbarack Donating Member

    I'd like to try this let me know how this turns out
  16. Tybalt71

    Tybalt71 Registered

    [​IMG] IMO, a Busa is defined by its hump! it was wind tunnel tested t odo exactly what it was made for "Speed" take a hump away from a busa is like cutting the dorsal fin off from a shark [​IMG] my.02 cents and i want change [​IMG]
  17. motogp08

    motogp08 Registered

    Don't they just swim around in circles? [​IMG]
  18. Warchild

    Warchild Banned



    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. brandue

    brandue Registered

    That is nice, not the chick vomit.. [​IMG]
  20. greyrocket

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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