GPS? Check. Throttle Lock? Check.

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by serendipity, Jul 23, 2008.

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    I'm getting the bike ready for a 6 day ride to Connecticut and throughout New England next week. I just upgraded to the Busa from my SV1000S. With heli-bars, adjustable pegs, and a gel seat, the SV was very tour-able. Even with stock ergos, the Busa is at least as comfortable, so I'm looking forward to stretching its legs.

    Top priority - GPS so I don't get lost and die in the middle of bum****, Maine.

    Garmin Zumo 450 splash screen:

    Map display:

    Mount with GPS removed:

    I wired in a fused power block to run the GPS and the other accessories I'll be adding later (cigarette lighter socket to charge a cell phone, maybe some aux lights).


    There's a relay tucked on the other side so the power block is only live when the ignition is on:

    From farther back:

    There's a killer cashback deal for anything you can Buy It Now through eBay with - 25% cash back. The Zumo can be had for a shade over $300 with this deal. Check out the thread on slickdeals:

    Second priority - throttle lock so my wrist doesn't fall off after an 8 hour ride.



    It's a Manic Salamander throttle lock - it's a little different than the throttle meister a friend has, and I haven't had a chance to ride with it yet. I'm a little concerned because it's spring-loaded, instead of just threaded. As a result, to disengage, you need to pull the cylinder toward the outside, then rotate it closed (in the throttle-off direction). You can still adjust the throttle with it engaged (it just adds enough friction to overcome the spring tension), but I'll have to see how comfortable I am disengaging it quickly.

    Fairings are a pain in the ass to remove - not looking forward to changing the oil tomorrow. [​IMG]

    Exhaust, double bubble, and swingarm plate bracket are on the way. Should be a fun trip. [​IMG]
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    I kept my stock cans because they are quiet. vibration and noise adds to the fatigue that can reduce your daily milage.

    Do you need more power? [​IMG]

    Got the following?
    Tire repair kit
    air compressor or CO2 cartriges
    flash light
    chain lube
    tire gauge
    padded cycling shorts
    camel back
    road side assistance service
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    That is one HUGE GPS display [​IMG]  

    I have the Laminar Lip instead of a double bubble, works great.  I've done SF to LA in the winter and the same on back roads in the summer with my current setup.

    '03 Pumpkin
    Laminar Lip
    N.E.P. Throttle Lock
    120dB Horn
    BMC Air Filter
    D&D Bolt-on's
    Marble Trick
    Mod'd Hump or Rack w/ Tail bag
    MEZ6 skins

    Most of this is on my site...  Link below  [​IMG]
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    Good luck.
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    What did you mount your Garmin gps with?
    A pic if you could. [​IMG]
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    lamar lip to keep more air/wind off you
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    Nice setup, but you need to get rid of those gay warning stickers on your tank and inner fairing.
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    looks good [​IMG] make sure to take plenty of pics of your trip

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