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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by piratediverjefff, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    Just got a new TomTom GPS and have been checking indicated speeds compared to actual GPS speeds on my stock geared(18/43)/stock tired(1650 miles of wear)2011 Gen II(tried to hold it steady for at least 5-10 seconds at each speed,several times each),definitely off;

    Indicated 80 mph = 74 mph Actual Speed

    Indicated 90 mph = 82 mph Actual Speed

    Indicated 100 mph = 91 mph Actual Speed

    I would imagine they're all pretty much the same(Gen II's/speedo sensors,etc.)so should give a general idea of how much they're off.

    Will keep increasing as i go out,saw 3 cars pulled over getting tickets between my house and kromdom's on Interstate 15 this morning(60 mile round trip)...figured i'd best not push my luck.:laugh:
  2. kromdom

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  3. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

  4. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    My Gen II is supposedly dead on at 70 M.P.H. according to the SCHP, but maybe that stinking, lying, low life, biscuit eating, son of a gun, no good was just harassing me for no reason and lied to me.
  5. mr8ball

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    I put the speedo healer on my 08 busa and have had no trouble with it at all. Speed in dead on up to 100
  6. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    Can't remember what mine was at an indicated 70 mph(will check it next time out).

    These fools out here will run you over if you're not averaging 75-80 mph(when out this morning was trying to hold a constant 72-73 mph after seeing 3 cars pulled over[posted limit is 70 mph]and everybody was passing me...on both sides[3 lanes each direction and me in the middle],even a car pulling a boat and a truck pulling a damned horse trailer).:laugh:
  7. The Big Red One

    The Big Red One Registered

    I just checked my gen1 at 100mph indicated held with my gps. I was actually doing I adjusted for that plus my 16/42 gearing with the speedohealer online calc, it seemed to get it pretty close at the speeds I could realistically check with gps. I'm also running the original speedohealer on my busa, which is a pita to adjust. The speedohealer V4 (which is the current version) I'm running on my 14 is awesome......SUPER easy to set with a digital readout, 2 switchable settings to overide my kawi speed limiter, and permanently saves your max speed whether bike is on or not, and shows it on your speedo with the push of a button. The old one only saved top speed till you turned the bike off.
    The V4 is the shiznit :thumbsup:
  8. lankeeyankee

    lankeeyankee Banned

    Not really sure but its pretty obvious that most here are aware the stock GENII speedo error is around 8%

    Great now your going to ruin it for all the people that swear they got 58MPG on there GENII or they seen there speedo pegged and thought they went 185MPH
  9. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    I must've had the original om my Gen I also,the V4 sounds great.:thumbsup:
  10. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    Yep,so much for thinking you're doing 186 as indicated when in actuality it's probably more like 170 when corrected...crap.:laugh:

    (had to check it out[on my bike anyway]as i've seen posts over the years from people saying their speedos were spot on at all speeds)
  11. RussellJ

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    I know. All cops are just worthless high school drop out morons with a chip on their shoulder.....

    :laugh: :moon:
  12. jefro

    jefro Registered

    My '08 with stock gearing read 100 at 93 GPS-7% high and the odometer read 4% high.
  13. lankeeyankee

    lankeeyankee Banned

    Wow I never checked the odometer. I am -29.5% (220 speedo face / +3 on the rear) in my speedo healer. Would have to do the math with GPS to check how much my odometer is off.
  14. jefro

    jefro Registered

    Easy to compare with a Zumo-also with the speedohealer set to zero out the speedo my odometer is right at 3% low.
  15. 1ibandit

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    180+ on speedo, 176 on gps.. If it's not gps it didn't happen! Also remember gps is not right going up or down a hill....

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  16. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    and loctite :rofl:
  17. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    I posted in a thread years ago, even had a pic of the GPS ..... I was so proud ...... then I started thinking about all the people that view web sites like this :whistle: and I'm not talking about the dreaded evil popo either :banghead:
  18. schroetf

    schroetf Donating Member

    at maxton when my speedo read 170 i was actually 156---
  19. Gitonit!

    Gitonit! Registered

    I guess 7% error would be about right. Don`t really give a hoot though....if`n I see the popo I better be grabbin` brake. Have not had this GenII speedo against the peg like the GenI, but will say 175 indicated sure seems plenty fast.
  20. SWJ88

    SWJ88 Registered

    do you believe my droid gps said my top speed was 205 and i thought it was supposed to shut down at 186. maybe their speed limiter is a joke too. or my bike is just special :p I think i was just over 11500 she still could of went more. but then again i only weigh 170 lbs

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