Getting rid of stock exhaust?

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Billy Busa, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Billy Busa

    Billy Busa Banned

    Is it worth it to get rid of stock exhaust and replace it with a good $1500 dollar full aftermarket exhaust?

    What are the benifits of getting a full aftermarket exhaust that costs over $1000 bucks?

    How much of a difference in performance does it make to the bike?
  2. b4thenite

    b4thenite Donating Member

    less weights, but there are cheaper ways to achieve this.
  3. cerebusa

    cerebusa Registered

    Go with the muzzy 4-1 system and you will NOT regret it ($575 shipped from Im installing mine tommorrow as it just came in a brown truck today. Weighs only 15 lbs compared to the 40ish stock system and powwa.

    BIKE DUDE Donating Member

    Looks and sounds way better. IMO
    Gain aprox. 10 ponies.
    Loose aprox. 35 lbs.
    Shop around and you'll find systems cheaper than that.
  5. tinmann840

    tinmann840 Registered

    There are a lot of good pipes on the market. The top three in my opinion are Brock's, TiForce and Akropovic. These are high end pipes. Yoshirmura, Muzzy and D&D are your middle of the road alternatives. Tsukigi is also another high end alternative and makes good power. I've never had a Muzzy but I've ran a Yosh pipe before. They fit like a glove make decent power sound great and are not that expensive but I'd stay away from a stainless steel finish. You get swirl marks on stainless. Never a problem on titanium. 2 Brothers pipes also sound great but I don't know what kind of power they make and most guys I know that run this pipe chose it solely for the sound it puts out.
  6. mike04busa

    mike04busa Registered

    I never had a 4-1 sys,but I just put some m-2 2bros. mufflers I got and they sound good. Just the sound of different exhaust makes it worth it.Look @ other bike's and see what you like and find one used.
  7. 05 Busa LE

    05 Busa LE Donating Member

    If you decide to go with the 4-2-1, make sure to check out some of the site's sponsors; they'll give you a good price [​IMG]
  8. Revolution

    Revolution revolution custom paint Donating Member

    +1 on giving back to the site sponsors.

    saves weight= better handling, quicker acceleration, and more hp.
  9. Delgado

    Delgado Formerly known as KAI Registered

    So whats the deal with the 2 cans vs 1? I personally would like to go with 2 just because of how the 08 tail looks. I remember reading something about that when I first signed up but can't remember where its at.
  10. HillbillyTom

    HillbillyTom Donating Member

    Don't forget to add roughly $300 to the exhaust bill for a Power Commander (or whatever brand of fuel managment system you like) along with another $200 for a dyno tune. If you just put a full system on it alone you'll probably loose 10hp (or more).
  11. Delgado

    Delgado Formerly known as KAI Registered

    So the 08s still need to run a power commander?
  12. UncleSteve

    UncleSteve Gear good - roadrash bad Donating Member Registered

    depends on who you listen to. I have seen both opinions. Someone posted some good data for not running a PC.
    some say you only need it on a full system.
    some say the 08 computer will compensate.

    Do some research. If you have a good dealer to work with, check with them.
    They will have customers to ask.

    I am not willing to absorb the cost now. I have a to do list and the exhaust is a pretty big expense and nothing really stands out as the "best" to me.

    Pictures are ok, but I rather see and hear them in person.
    How it looks is a big concern, don't want to spend a bunch of $$ and have to look at something you are not happy with.
    The systems I like always seem to be the most expensive.......
    So the dilemma is,,,,,,do I spend more to be happy, or settle for less expensive.

    Bottom line, exhaust is a difficult decision to make, probably way there are so many choices. There are many factors one has to consider. Price (for most of us), performance gains, how it sounds , how it looks, installation problems, PC or no PC, are you really gaining over stock?

    Good luck

    Now where is that credit card....

    Anyone know where a good price on Yosh carbon R77 slips can be found?

  13. Delgado

    Delgado Formerly known as KAI Registered

    I definitely want to up my performance but I'm thinking more engine upgrades for now just in case I end up going turbo. If I was 100% sure that I was never going to get a turbo, I would have bought me a full system by now.
  14. SHADiGUY1

    SHADiGUY1 IT IS WHAT IT IS Donating Member

    get a tiforce full titanium system very light weight and serious power gains. Beleive me on this. Big diffrence with any aftermarket full system dont waste your money on bolt ons youll regret it later trust me.
  15. Billy Busa

    Billy Busa Banned

    Yes, I am thinking of getting a full tiforce dual exhaust system. I like the dual look.

    Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a tiforce exhaust system?
  16. Hurc

    Hurc Registered

    not to mention, if you go with the single exit, you'll free up the room to make it easier to clean the chain. [​IMG]
  17. 300Busa

    300Busa Chillaxin... Donating Member

    It becomes a new bike after you change out the exhaust.

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  18. SHADiGUY1

    SHADiGUY1 IT IS WHAT IT IS Donating Member

    billy hit up schintz racing a board sponsor here They are top notch!!!! had mine in less then a week.
  19. bdogg317

    bdogg317 Registered

    I had a muzzy on my ninja be for i got rid of it love the hell out of that muzzy. When I got my busa I was going to go with the muzzy again, but my builder started using tsukigi on hhis bike and his drag bike and talked me into getting on. MAN I LOVE IT.
  20. Billy Busa

    Billy Busa Banned

    thanks, i will

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