fuse blows when installing license plate lite

Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by dacrownedprince, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. dacrownedprince

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    ok so im trying to tap into my STOCK license plate wires with my new license plate lite--its just a simple bolt with the led lite in it--every time i splice the wires together the same 15amp fuse keeps blowing--i cant get the bike registered until i get this lite working--what am i doing wrong--
  2. jdsbusa

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    You're shorting it out or overloading that circuit - get a voltmeter/tester and make sure you've got the right wires and aren't crimping them together thus shorting them out. What kind of light is it you're installing?
  3. dacrownedprince

    dacrownedprince Registered

    just the basic bolt light--i think i found my problem but i wont know until i get home from work--i was using the brown wire as my hot wire because that appeared to be the original license plate wire--but i just saw a thread that listed the black/white tracer as my ground and the ehite/black tracer as my hot wire so ima try that--but heres a pic of the lites im using

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  4. dacrownedprince

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    ok got it figured out--jus switched the ground to a screw versus a ground wire

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