FS: XXXL Joe Rocket Suzuki Jacket

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    This fabric jacket comes complete with shoulder, elbow & back armor as well as the liner. As you can see from the images below, there is no rash, all seams are in good shape, the velcro is not shredded and there are no stains. I really like this jacket except for on thing, it is about two sizes too big for me. I bought it from a guy on CL, hoping that maybe Joe Rocket gear fits a bit small. At 6'4" 260lbs, I typically wear a XL/XXL depending on the article of clothing and there is no way this one is gonna fit me.

    Anyone interested @ $90 tyd?

    As you can see from the pics below it comes in the fastest color:

    2013-08-30 21.01.29 (2).jpg

    2013-08-30 21.03.24 (2).jpg


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