Front brake problems

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    Okay so when I put the new chrome wheel on the front, all we did was switch rotors from my black wheels to the chrome ones. Everything went well and bolted up fine, no hang-ups whatsoever.

    Then the test ride. The brakes squeak WHEN YOU'RE NOT BRAKING but seemed to go away when you used them. Weird. So we took the calipers back off, scuffed the pads(plenty of material left) with emory paper, and put stop-squeak between the metal shields and back of the pads. No noise that day.

    So my buddy decides to ride my bike while I'm at work today. He calls me and says "Dude I thought you said you fixed the squeak?" I say I did. He proceeds to tell me that they are squeaking louder than before now, both not braking and braking.

    WTF is going on with my front brakes?
  2. suzuki4life

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    sounds like your calipers are not retracting and are dragging the pads.
  3. suzuki4life

    suzuki4life Banned got grease on the pads or the rotors....

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