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Discussion in 'Turbo' started by RacingJake, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Putting together a stage 1 t3t4 turbo at 4 psi. I'm running ECUeditor extended boost control and would like to know what others have used. Just looking for a starting point.


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    Greg Watters
    That table differs from the non extended boost (that was fairly good start point) in that the same numbers were used but under different psi numbers
    Look at it this way , Roughly at 14.7psi you have added another atmosphere of pressure and doubled your fuel needs (added 100%)
    4 psi is just under 1/4 of that , as a start i would put something like 25 in the 5 psi column and tune it from there
    also try removing your wastegate spring and tuning for no boost in the TPS table first , once that is right the boost table should be predictable
    And the ign retard table is also % so you would be running maybe 1 degree retard at 4 psi in the main load area and not 3 degrees

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