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  1. VIPER

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    Ok for the past few day i have been searching through the archives for a step by step or further information on flashing your ecu with ecu editor. I havent found a bunch of information. What i am looking for is someone with experience doing this as i am a little lost. I completly understand the hardware part of the program and getting connected to the busa with my netbook. What i am unsure about it making my own map and how to begin doing this. If someone has the time and is willing to help me get through it i would appreciate it a lot! I am going to tag this thread with ecu editor help so maybe others will be able to come to this topic and find the information they are looking for.
  2. H2447INTX

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    you have a dyno?

    pm Johnny cheese
  3. VIPER

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    i do not have a dino....but i do have a couple here locally i can run to as needed
  4. PaLVBusa

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    Need a Dyno to get an accurate map for your bike. Im sure many ppl around here have good maps they could give you to get started but ideally you need to put the bike on a dyno.

    What mods do you have?
  5. sixpack577

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    Unless you are VERY knowledgeable of fuel tables, bike engines, Hayabusa engines, and dyno tuning, I wouldn't try to make your own map...especially without the bike on the dyno in the process. Adding fuel in the wrong place will end up in poor performance, taking too much away in the wrong place can cause damage and even engine failure!
  6. Dozerdriver

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    I agree.... have it tuned by a experienced tuner or go the PC route with there close enough maps.
  7. VIPER

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    ya i plan on going to the dino....i was more looking for general type direction on the editor itself ya know? i am heading for texas in july and i am going to stop at jonnys place on the way to san antonio. I just wanted more of a rundown of the editor itself. Like do you have to remap to shut off the topend limiter? do you have to remap to get rid of the timing retarder in 1-4? Stuff like that ya know? my local shop i would go to but i dont think they are very well versed with busas and the dino. everyone has one now days but that doesnt mean they know how to do the job properly.
  8. sixpack577

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    You can just click and turn off the top speed limiter, turn off pair valve, raise rev limiter, ect. None of this affects the fuel map.::4
  9. Wes

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    or the actual reflashing boards at

    ECU hacking

    You can reflash it with a stock map and turn off all the restrictions. To get an actual tune you will need a dyno or a datalogger set up.
  10. VIPER

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    excellent guys ty for the help

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