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    Bear in mind, I don't condone drinking and driving at all. Drinking by minors is something I have no real problem with as long as it's supervised by the parents of said minors. Setting the drinking age at 21 and the age of accountability at 18, however, makes no sense to me at all.

    I digress.

    Since I moved here to NM, however, I've been amazed by just how MUCH the state is on to illegal drinking activity and how much they work to stop it. Checkpoints everywhere, ads all over the airwaves (THAT has to cost a fortune!), etc. etc.

    I've heard some real horror stories about the penalties for running afoul of some of these laws. Scary stuff, especially for the local merchants who sell alcohol.

    Just heard the worst one today. Poor merchants.

    In CA, when we would go to Sushi, we'd get the sushi chef drunk and party with those guys. FUN times, man. Then we would stagger over to the theater and watch a movie or two and then, finally, drive home sober.

    Out here, we went to a sushi restaurant and tried to get the chef to drink with us but he flatly refused. I was offended but, whatever, and didn't think anything more of it. Today, just heard the reason why:

    Nanwags and MrGxr and MsGxr and I were at the same sushi bar for lunch today and MrGxr finally told me that in NM, the chef is not allowed, by law, to drink with the customer. Something about Drinking while wielding a sharp instrument or knife. DWWAK.

    I was blown away. I've heard of some draconian laws, even about alcohol but that takes the cake! Just like the restaurant that told me that are not allowed to sell me a bottle of wine to take home with me. Outrageous!!

    I went ballistic, of course. That was too much.

    Of course, the whole damn thing was a joke and all three of the pinheads at the table were laughing their asses off at poor Wag, the sucker punch victim of the day!

    Bleah. You'll have yours coming soon, MrGxr. Coming soon, y'know?! biggrin.gif



    (You know I love ya, man!) biggrin.gif

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    Oh damn!!! you posted this... I am responding in tears... again.
    Sitting there listening to how you tried to get the sushi chef to have a beer I couldn't resist...

    Here we are sitting eating sushi and Wag is talking about how he tried to buy a beer for the chef the last time him and Nanwags were there. I tell him that its against the law... the look on his face was great... I couldn't resist. So, I tell him there is a law referred to as DWWAB "Drunk While Wieldign A Blade" and that is why the chefs don't drink... he looks at me and I can see he is believing me.. then Nanwags just busts up laughing along with MsGxr and I couldn't keep a straight face. It was great... Sorry Wag but it was good.
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    Well, you know, like I said, I just like to be able to keep people happy!

    At least you have to admit, I'm not boring!


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