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  1. blackbushido

    blackbushido Registered

    Hello.I'm wanting to know if I could have installed the new Koso RX2/N digital gauge on the Busa 09'?? I'm also wanting to put a racing under-tail on this as well, but I don't see any websites for this?? Thanks in advance!! Have a blessed day!!
  2. Joker

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    Sorry I cant help but ::50
  3. teddypenn

    teddypenn Registered

    i dont know either, but that would be one sweet cluster. and ::50
  4. RussellJ

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    Race undertail? need pics

    As for the gauge it is possible. I would get schematics for the Koso and the Gen 2 busa and compare wires in the connectors to see if it will all match up.

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