Differnce Between two Exhausts

Discussion in 'Busa Mods' started by Sammy Singh, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Sammy Singh

    Sammy Singh Registered

    he hi . please can someone tell me what is the difference between these two following exhausts and which one is more louder ....

    1) Brock's Short Meg
    2) Brock's Street Meg
  2. Flicka

    Flicka Professional Booga Flicka Moderator

    The most basic difference is the length of the muffler section. Short Megs have a 14" muffler. Street Megs have a 20" muffler and use the passenger pegs as a mounting point, similar to the stock exhaust.

    Obviously, the Short Meg will be a bit louder. The Short Meg can drag the ground in hard lean angles. The Alien Head is basically the same setup, but with a slightly different shape that allows better ground clearance.
  3. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Length of muffler , maybe a little weight bc of that :thumbsup: I have the short meg and love it. Depending on your riding style and what you like, consider the Alien Head. I think it gives a little more clearance for cornering. If you have a Gen II or LE consider the black finish. You can pick your color for the name plate. Great performance, great pipe.
  4. crusty369

    crusty369 Registered

    Keep in mind, if you are a Wookie like me, your big feet will touch the top of an Alienhead or short meg. Sneakers will make a mess, (melting), if u are running lowered pegs like the Buell mod. No biggie for me...clean her up after every ride.....

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  5. Sammy Singh

    Sammy Singh Registered

    bro i wash her more than i wash myself :moon: . She is like my feet as if she is not well i can't go around anywhere . dammmm handicap . :banghead:
  6. Rainbow7

    Rainbow7 Registered

    The difference between those two pipes is that one will make pedestrians hate you, while the other will make them really hate you.
  7. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    Have the Short Meg and love the sound(and if some of you guys can scrape it while cornering my hat's definitely off to you::6).:thumbsup:


  8. dmallord

    dmallord Registered

  9. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    Now to get the rear sets and pass. peg mounts powdercoated...got as far as pullin' the pass. peg brackets and trimmin' off the excess metal(stock exhaust mounts and hooks)about a week ago...but that's as far as i got.:laugh:
  10. b-dub_sr

    b-dub_sr Team Edward Registered

    Looking good and you are right, it will look ten times better after the powdercoat..

    Lovin the rear tho, exactly what i was thinking for mine and been pricing it, where did you get your peices if you dont mind me asking?
  11. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    Got the 3 pc. kit from Hotbodies,about a $100 with shipping for three pieces of plastic(IMO about $80 more than it's worth:laugh:),i know a lot of guys have just tinted the stock pieces but i got lazy and just bought the kit.

    2008-2011 Hayabusa Smoked Undertails, Hotbodies Racing
  12. b-dub_sr

    b-dub_sr Team Edward Registered

    Thanks Jeff
  13. piratediverjefff

    piratediverjefff Registered

    You got it.:thumbsup:

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