DC Metro Riders - General Thread for DC, MD, VA, DE, PA

Discussion in 'Geographic Riding Areas' started by MelodicMetalGod, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. MelodicMetalGod

    MelodicMetalGod Registered

    Hey all!

    Just thought I'd start a running thread to foster communication among riders in this neck of the woods. Anybody is welcome, but I figure that it will be mostly riders local to the DC Metro area that will benefit from this thread.

    Post up if you're in the area or will be visiting.

  2. MelodicMetalGod

    MelodicMetalGod Registered

  3. RonnieTheBull

    RonnieTheBull Registered

    I'm thinkin me and a couple friends maybe headed down for this...will let you know if and when we confirm it
  4. MelodicMetalGod

    MelodicMetalGod Registered

    Not to discourage your attendance here in DC, but the show will be in NY the following week.
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  5. MelodicMetalGod

    MelodicMetalGod Registered

    Um, your location was New York before, right? You must've just updated it since my reply...? ??? Either that or I've lost it. :laugh:
  6. Djxtrodinaire

    Djxtrodinaire Registered


  7. Big E

    Big E Donating Member

    I know that guy above me. Hows the busa coming along Erwin?
  8. solarbarack

    solarbarack Donating Member

    I'll be there, not sure what day yet.
  9. Djxtrodinaire

    Djxtrodinaire Registered

    uh oh! stop following me!:laugh:

    its sitting pretty in the garage lol I have lots of goodies that needs to be put on.

    Busa might get a partner this spring :whistle:

    Saving up for the M109

    Can you just see me riding one? :lol:
  10. RonnieTheBull

    RonnieTheBull Registered

    You must be losing it or there was a glitch of some sort...:laugh:
  11. Supergank1

    Supergank1 Registered

    i`m always in somd visiting family..might be at the show or maybe the ny show ??
  12. SKINN

    SKINN Donating Member

    I plan on going... Not sure what day...
  13. Greeblesnitz

    Greeblesnitz Registered

    Thanks for the heads up, might be going down there. Sounds like fun
  14. MelodicMetalGod

    MelodicMetalGod Registered

    Good to see the locals posting up! Looks like there's several of us that are heading to the bike show in DC. Hope to see y'all there!
  15. B@DA$$08BUS@

    B@DA$$08BUS@ Donating Member

    PA area here. I may be heading up to the one NY.
  16. sleepless_red

    sleepless_red The artist formerly known as "sleeper_red" Donating Member

    If it's raining or snowing, I'm going probably on Sunday because I work Saturdays, too. If not, I'll be riding.
  17. solarbarack

    solarbarack Donating Member

    I'll more then likely be there on Sunday. I might go up Saturday night. That's the NY show.
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  18. Djxtrodinaire

    Djxtrodinaire Registered

    Going on Sunday DC show
  19. REV04BUSA

    REV04BUSA Registered

    Hey MelodicMetalGod, thanks for passing on the Info. I am the President of The MIght Clouds Christian motorcycle club here in Charles County MD. We are preparing for our annual trip to to Daytona Beach bike week. We are going to be there from mar 2-8. We are also in the planning stages for our first annual picnic and ride for cancer research.
  20. BigRod1300

    BigRod1300 Registered

    Thanks for the heads up, I already know about it. Will be there ( DC show) Saturday....meeting Extremebusa group at the Suzuki booth at noon. IVe been trying to get the MULLET in the show, but no call backs about info.???

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