Couple of K6 1K pics after doing a few mods.

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by BentValve, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. BentValve

    BentValve Alive & enjoying it! Donating Member

    Mods done so far:
    Frame Sliders
    Swingarm sliders/spools
    Radiator and oil cooler guards
    FAB UK , Tail Tidy exhaust bracket
    +2 rear sprocket (speedohealer coming today)
    Tankslapper tank protector

    More upgrades planned. [​IMG]

    BTW I will be running out of bandwidth soon so check back tomorrow , 11/1 if the pics dont show.


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  2. BentValve

    BentValve Alive & enjoying it! Donating Member

    Here is a pic of the rad and oil cooler guards if anyone wants to see them:
  3. Got-Busa?

    Got-Busa? Donating Member

    Nice pics and it looks good but I think I like your AVATAR better.... [​IMG]

    My wife wants a Bulldog bad and I think they are pretty cool dogs. [​IMG]
  4. BentValve

    BentValve Alive & enjoying it! Donating Member

    I won one side of a Vortex Rearset on Ebay for $50 .....but am having a hard time getting the other side for cheap,
    so this mod may or may not happen....
  5. PaceMaster

    PaceMaster Donating Member

    Gnarly ride-- Sweet [​IMG]
  6. BentValve

    BentValve Alive & enjoying it! Donating Member

    Bulldogs are nice but not really useful not that there is anything wrong with that but the big downside is they dont live long enough IMO.

    Get a real Pitbull , they are like the Hayabusa of the dog world. [​IMG]
  7. greeneinc

    greeneinc Donating Member

    That bike is sheer beauty. Are they hiring where you work at because I definitely do not make enough mula!! [​IMG]
  8. mjn

    mjn Hillbilly Deluxe Donating Member

    Lookin good BV!
  9. mjn

    mjn Hillbilly Deluxe Donating Member

    Goin up on the rear sprocket??[​IMG]

    As if that sucker don't wheelie good enough NOW! Dam![​IMG]

    That'll be a kick in the butt!![​IMG]
  10. Rycardo

    Rycardo Registered

    Nice pics. [​IMG]
  11. huntn4heatrs

    huntn4heatrs Registered

    I love that bike....good job........R u thinking about an full exhaust?
  12. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

    Looks nice!
  13. kod3001

    kod3001 Registered

    I can only see the reflector on pic 11, how did that sneak in there? [​IMG]
  14. BentValve

    BentValve Alive & enjoying it! Donating Member

    It added a very nice kick in the butt , plus first gear is soo long on this bike so it shorted that up a tad too.

    The main thing is the rear tire has got to be warmed up because either it is gonna spin or the front is coming up....either or...there is no in-between. [​IMG]

    Ive had the back tire spin up on me as well as the front come up on the freeway doing over about fun. [​IMG]

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  15. adrenaline junkey

    adrenaline junkey Donating Member Registered

  16. Devil Dog

    Devil Dog Donating Member

    Sick bike......

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Looks Sweet!!!!!!![​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. zxmurphy

    zxmurphy Registered

    Looking good as always. [​IMG]
  19. Vic_E55_2001

    Vic_E55_2001 Donating Member

    Damn, now I want one of those......Red looks sooooo sexy.
  20. gtrpimp76

    gtrpimp76 S.Q.U.I.D. Extraordinaire Donating Member


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