Confession: I've been cheating on the Busa

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by jphilipson, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. jphilipson

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    A few weeks ago I flew out to Norther California, and picked up a childhood dream. And rode her back 1500 miles to Denver. The Busa has not been getting a lot of love lately, since she's been home.

    Riding back from NorCal was awesome, got to ride the coast up there for the first time.


    Rode down to Eureka from Crescent City, then headed over 299 to Redding. Went from 50 to 105 between the coast and the central furnace of California.


    After Redding I headed to my friend's place in Carson City by way of rt 44 through the Lassen NF.


    The rest of the ride home was a straight shot across HWY 50 in Nevada and Utah, then 70 back home through Colorado. Some more pics of the new toy below.

    1974 R75 Sidecar Rig pictures by dedsled - Photobucket

    So yeah, the Busa has been spending a lot of time in the garage, while I've been having a blast putting around on a 38 year old bike :laugh:. Driving a sidecar rig is like nothing I've done before, and brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. Of course, after driving the old bike all week, when I got back on the Busa last weekend, it was like the first time again.. WHOOOSH!
  2. lil charlie

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  3. Audiomaker

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    That's Awesome!

    No passenger? That would be the ultimate saddlebag!
  4. Flicka

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    Very cool! Enjoy that ride. Eventually you'll get the need for speed again, and the Busa will be waiting for you. :thumbsup:
  5. beachz

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    Beautiful!!! That is soooo cool! Everytime my wife sees one she says "That would be perfect for me and the dog". :laugh:
  6. newman

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    Very nice.:thumbsup:
  7. rudeboy109

    rudeboy109 Registered

    cool bike, never cheating just another horse in the stable:cheerleader:
  8. RedBusarider

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    Way COOL :thumbsup:

    Just doesn't seem fair that the luggage/passenger get a windshield and the driver doesn't. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  9. cheferman65

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    Well, if you have to:whistle:

    There are a whole lot of worse choices to do it with! I have always wanted a ride w/a sidecar. An old Triumph would be my choice...
  10. darciedog1

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  11. jphilipson

    jphilipson Registered

    Thanks - and I do have a few wind shields that came with it - leaving it off till it gets colder. Don't really need it when it's been 100 all week :laugh:
  12. mabupa

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    Great adventure!!!!! Thanks for sharing
  13. Fernman

    Fernman Registered

    cool bike, that must have been great to ride back.
  14. mr8ball

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    Cool looking bike. I have always liked the side cars :thumbsup:
  15. dadofthree

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    Dude, that looks like an early mid '70's BMW. Enjoy, you'll be back :whistle:
  16. Gitonit!

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    Old machine looks to be excellent condition..must be, given your journey through the furnace n all.
  17. georgiabusa_05

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    That is very nice. I know you are having a blast on it. Enjoy. :)
  18. ResidentEvil

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    I like it :thumbsup:
  19. jphilipson

    jphilipson Registered

    It's a 74' r75/6 to be precise. The entire engine and driveline has been rebuilt, and it has 800cc Nicklesil pistons. About as much horsepower as my Busa has on one cylinder :laugh:. I took the Busa out for a good ride today, so she's happy. Holy hell does the Busa feel fast again!
  20. dadofthree

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    Those were nice looking rides when I was a kid. I guess part of that was the boxer and you didn't see many of them. They were all silver like yours :laugh: Of course I've bought nothing but in-line 4's since '78 , yes I'm old as dirt :rofl:

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