Compression Ratio change cam swap.

Discussion in 'Engine and Performance mods' started by Shinobi'sZ, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Shinobi'sZ

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    I noticed one of the big differences between Gen 1 & 2 is the compression ratio. If I was going to boost my motor it obviously would be better to keep the lower static CR.

    However until I boost it seems that upping the CR with a header pipe would be a good performance upgrade and take advantage of what the bike already has?

    What kind of performance gains are people seeing from these mods? What is a good cam?
  2. Commuta_Busa

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    you've got a big investment to make if you plan on going turbo so it doesn't make much sense to spend money going in the wrong direction.

    if you do choose this path, a little more CR with the right cams will breath more life into the engine.
  3. Jay

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    You need to realize that compression ratio and compression are two different things, as they are commonly used in performance motor talk.

    Compression Ratio being the static measurement of volumes, "Compression" being cylinder pressure.

    You can increase the performance by increasing "cylinder pressure" Compression ratio is one way to do that. Cam timing and duration ( overlap) is another. ( not counting forced induction at this point )

    Raising the C.R. will raise "cylinder pressure", putting a bigger cams in it will lower cylinder pressure.

    So it is all a trade off. As you mentioner, raising compression and adding cams is a good choice and a will probably not raise cylinder pressure.
  4. Shinobi'sZ

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    Understood I put about $50k into developing the TT for my Z06, end result was a 1k bhp car with air conditioning lol. I had everything else NA and supercharged prior to and I am a firm believer in Turbo charging. However I'm not that bored with the bike yet and am still getting a feel for it. Luckily I turn my own wrenches or it would have cost more.

    I am talking about static compression ratio, there is a difference between the Gen 1 & 2 CRs right?

    I figured a thinner gasket would bump my CR up and make a little more power prior to forced induction. As long as there are no piston to valve clearance issues with a little more lift from the cam I thought more power could be squeezed.

    Do you sell a head gasket and cam kit for this mod?
  5. ogre

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    that and about 42cc's of motor make the difference. a lot of other little stuff too, but a point of compression and some more displacement are always going to spice things up
  6. Jay

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  7. Shinobi'sZ

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    What do you recommend for a cam updgread and smaller headgasket to go with an HMF dual system, and tune?

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