Colorado Springs Fires

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Skywalker, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Good find:thumbsup:
  3. Skywalker

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    Very sad times around here. Lots of folks out of a place to live. Could not imagine how that would be to lose everything.
  4. StrtRac3r

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    I know a couple people who lost their homes, luckily my brother was able to help them move some stuff first. Crazy times 5 days of 100 degrees in springs during that fire.
  5. Skywalker

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    The temps were crazy and we still have only had a few drops of rain. I've been here 12 years this month and the temps are so high. Prayers to all that suffered and the proud firemen and police and support personnel who are still fighting this monster. I heard this morning there have been some bodies found in their burnt homes. :please:
  6. StrtRac3r

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    Last I heard was a couple days ago, 1 body. Suspect foul play, found in their home and the person had a roommate or other that they couldn't track down yet.

    Crazy to think someone coulda locked someone in a home about to burn.

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