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Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by 98sst, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Hello all,

    New here to the forum. I bought a 2003 Hayabusa two weeks ago and absolutely love it. Only 10,900 miles and a single owner! It runs beautifully when warm. I do have some questions about how it runs cold.

    I have been riding every day. The bike is stored in a garage. Temperatures don't fall below 50*F and don't usually exceed 85*F during the summer here.

    When I first start the bike in the morning, it will fire, idle briefly, and die. I can restart it and then use the fast idle and it will be fine. Kind of a funky fuel smell for the first few minutes though... Sure, it's a no brainer to use the fast idle on every cold start.... but I'd imagine it shouldn't be necessary, especially during the summer. What're your thoughts?

    The OTHER issue... I've noticed when it is cold if I go down a curb, such as the end of my driveway, SOMETIMES as I release the clutch, the bike will shake violently and make a horrific grinding sound... almost as if the chain jumped a tooth or something. Chain tension doesn't seem to be an issue. It's tough to describe... if I take it slow, I don't have this issue. Furthermore, if it is warm, I don't have this issue either. It's very odd.

    As stated, there are no issues when warm. Thank you all.
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    Don't know about the cold/warm issue but the noise might be the cush drive pieces especially if they're the originals. One owner, low mileage probably means original cush drive.
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    David offor
    When was the bike last serviced (plugs, air filter changed)? If the plugs and air filter are good, then might be worth checking your tps is set correctly (throttle position sensor), YouTube should be able to guide you, if unsure and then once that is set correctly, a throttle body sync.
    I'm presuming that your fuel pressure and compressions are all ok.
    Agree with cbxrider, about the cushdrive rubbers, worn ones can transmit weirdness down the chain, under light acceleration.

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