Clutch piston seal replacement?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself' started by justin726, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. justin726

    justin726 Registered

    I'm leaking a little oil on the left side of my motor around that sprocket cover area. After searching, I'm figuring it's that seal on the clutch piston. I ordered one and it should be here tomorow.

    Is there anything to look out for when replacing that seal, or is it pretty straight forward? Anything that will make the process go a little smoother? I have the service manual, so that will help. Thanks in advance.
  2. dm_gsxr

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    I need to do the same thing. When you do it, post pics and what you did. It'd be a big help [​IMG]

  3. frisbee

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    PM Goldenchild or JohnnyCheese
  4. Sherman

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    I'm also leaking a little oil on the left side of my motor around that sprocket cover area. Taiwan Suzuki told me that they don’t sell seal. As a result, I have to replace a new clutch piston and it will cost me US$110. So bloody expensive. Since I don’t have the service manual. Can anybody tell me what is the OEM# of oil seal or Part number. Maybe I can purchase the aftermarket oil seal alone in Taiwan. Thanks in advance.
  5. heavybusa

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    I was leaking oil there too, but it was because the bike had been down on the shifter side and oil had puked in the cover.

    So when I polished the frame I took the cover off cleaned it up, used some silicone and had no problems since.

    My .02 and again my disclosure is that I am not a mechanic.
  6. Sherman

    Sherman Registered

    My bike is ’03 model. Here is what happened!!
    3 months ago, I changed the clutch fluid.
    2 months ago, bike had been down on the shifter side.
    2 weeks ago, I could not shift gear because clutch cylinder reservoir is almost empty. When I opened the clutch cylinder reservoir lip, not only it is almost empty, the leftover fluid is also very dirty. So, I just put in more brake fluid Dot 4 for the time been.
    Do you think oil had puked in the cover or oil seal just simply malfunction? I urgently need to find it out. Thanks in Advance.
  7. 8Daytona8

    8Daytona8 Donating Member

    There is no way oil can get mixed with the dot4 fluid!! The slave cyl pushes a rod that is sealed in eng/trans housing. All zuki's will dirty the fluid (use Dot4 only) and should be changed when the reservoir window looks not as good as the B-side. If you take the top off the reservoir sop up the old nasty stuff, clean area, and fill to almost top of window with bars straight ( DON'T PUMP THE LEVER UNTIL FILLED AND TOP IS ON) you don't need to bleed anything. The oil around the sprocket area is the main shaft seal or push rod seal. Or there is too much oil! Or too much case pressure! PS B-fluid is not a good thing on paint or plastic! Don't use but a new sealed container! And if you got $$ and only use the best they make synthetic B fluid that will work better when your racing. But you all knew this rite? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. 8Daytona8

    8Daytona8 Donating Member

    Has anyone posted any of this of the slave cyl? [​IMG]
  9. Sherman

    Sherman Registered

    Yep~ I agree, the leaking isn't oil because there is no oil stain on the floor where I park. The leaking Dot4 fluid already corrode the paint at the bottom of my Clutch slave.(There is no way Tiny amount of oil can eat the paint so badly.) If I cannot find OE oil seal, I have no choice but to replace the entire Clutch slave. Thanks Everybody! Since Taiwan just Joined WTO in late 2002(B4 that we could only ride 150 cc bike), we have limited resourced about big bikes. I really appreciate the help from you guys.!!! [​IMG]
  10. 8Daytona8

    8Daytona8 Donating Member

    All you need is the lip seal and a bit of sand paper to clean the cyl up in most cases. I have found the seals at parts stores like Napa that have kits for slave cyl. Most won't carry them anymore.

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