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Discussion in 'Busa problems' started by StageRulz, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. StageRulz

    StageRulz Registered

    Where is my Clutch Fluid going?
    My Clutch works fine but every couple of weeks I have to fill it up again.
    If it was leaking I think I would have noticed a spot on the garage floor.
    Anybody have any IDEAS?
  2. StageRulz

    StageRulz Registered

    Does anybody have a Clue? [​IMG]
  3. hemroid

    hemroid Registered

    what clutch fluid?
  4. StageRulz

    StageRulz Registered

    Hydraulic Clutch.
    It accullaly uses Brake Fluid.
    Mine keeps losing Fluid. [​IMG]
  5. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

    Don't have a clue, bro.
  6. StageRulz

    StageRulz Registered

    I mean it only losses like an ounce ever couple of weeks.
    The clutch cylinder is in the crankcase......If it's leaking there it's going in my oil!
  7. moondog

    moondog Donating Member

    SR, drag, dood....but where else could it be going? My bet is your clutch cylinder is leaking. Sounds like a warranty problem to me, (hopefully). I would not let this one go too long without fixing. woopigsooeee, we're going to get our a$$ kicked this weekend.
  8. HillsRider

    HillsRider On the DHS watch list Donating Member

    I was just pondering this same question to myself yesterday. On my old FJ1200 when the clutch slave started leaking it ran down the inside of the chin fairing & destoryed it. Then I started thinking if the busa is the same, it will wreck the bottom of the left panel. I guess if it is contained inside the motor it won't be something that I will have to worry about! [​IMG]

    Back to the point at hand, if you are losing fluid, pull the slave & get ready to replace the seals. Easy job on every bike I have had so far! [​IMG]
  9. ohzone

    ohzone Registered

    It's probably being soaked up by all the crud that collects behind the cover, if you remove the cover you will be amazed how much dirt, dust and greasy muck has collected
  10. StageRulz

    StageRulz Registered

    Thanks all of You......
    I am going to do my WINTER maintance and I'll break into it!
    I'll get the seals and replace them and the disc. since I will be in there.
    17.865 miles ......first problem besides tires and need chain and sprockets.
    I don't think thats to bad! [​IMG]
    Oh........I'm going to do a Valve Adj. also. Doesn't need it but they say I do!
  11. 99hayabusa

    99hayabusa Registered

    Okay guys here is the problem. What happens is the seal goes bad in the clutch slave cylinder, and it slowly starts to leak out. Now where does it go. I was asking myself that question. I figured out that when it leaks out it gets soaked by all the dirt and other stuff under that cover and it also leaks onto the exhaust, which causes it to burn, which in turn it disappears and nobody knows where it goes. This fix was fairly simple. Go to your suzuki dealer and ask about the seal around the piston inside the slave cylinder for the clutch. The technicians should know about it. Ive heard it is a common problem for the busa. You have to remove the shifter, coolant tank, the left side fairing of course, and a sensor uckon the cover, and the cover. You'll see what im talking about once you get in there. Good luck. Oh yea the seal was like $3.00 or somehwere aroung there [​IMG]
  12. Bryabusa

    Bryabusa Registered

    Can anyone confirm this repair? Mine has 45000km and now the reservoir is low. Lever feel is a bit soft at first too.
  13. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    wow old thread but yes, the clutch slave is the most likely culprit.. any other place would be leaving fluid..

    pay attention to the direction the seal is installed on piston..

    you are also going to need to make sure the housing is not pitted from moisture.. some pitting can be accepted if not in the area where the seal rides.. if in doubt, you can still try the fix and if it fails, you will need a new slave cylinder..
  14. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    It's an easy fix. All you probably need is the seal or cup or whatever it's called. You might try topping off your fluid levels first and see if that takes care of it. If the level drops again in a short period of time, you'll know you need to rebuild the slave cylinder.

    The fluid will actually drop onto your chain. I wouldn't let that happen for too long without doing something about it.


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