Clutch adjustment?

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    Is there a way to adjust the clutch on an 02 Busa? I know they are hydraulic and all...

    Checked in the manual but didn't see anything listed other than bleeding the master cylinder.

    My sons bike is excessivley hard to push forward when it's in gear with the clutch pulled in (not running) and when shifting from Neutral to 1st (running), the bike really clunks and jumps hard.

    Hate to even say "Well my Harley" because that's my only experience with bikes and in some other post I have written I've gotten some smart-ass comments from Busa Gods...

    Yep, the Busa is a fine piece a machinery and I love just looking at my sons bike. Hell, I want to put stuff on it even if it isn't mine!

    I'm just trying to take care of it...
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    Don't think so you can adjust the lever though decides when it catches I think.
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    Well, unfortunately there is no adjustment for the clutch like a Harley or any cable clutch would have. The clutch fluid is suppose to be changed every two years so if you're not sure when the last time the clutch fluid was changed that would probably be a good starting point. This would also bleed out any air that could be causing a problem also. If the original hose is still on the bike upgrading to braided hose is always a good option.

    Depending on how the bike has been driven and how many miles are on it you may need to replace the clutch pack also. One thing that is less common but will cause similar problems is if there is a crack in the housing that the clutch hose goes into. The best way to tell this from my understanding is to watch that piece and if you see any movement what so ever while pumping the clutch then it needs to be replaced.

    Well I'm sure others will be along that will add to this but hopefully that will give you a starting point. ::4
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    def no adjustment should be though
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    Thanks guys for the response! When we first got it the clutch housing was cracked so I bought a used housing off e-bay or the org, can't remember.

    At that time I flushed all the old fluid out and replaced it with new. I didn't get a braided cable or anything as the bike had less than 9K miles on it.

    This is my sons daily driver and I'm pretty sure he doesn't race it or anything as the fines here in FL are pretty steep for even getting your front wheel off the ground...

    I did try turning the knob up by the lever but that didn't have any noticeable effect.

    Guess I will check the clutch housing to make sure it didn't crack again. After replacing it the first time I noticed that aftermarket companies made brackets to prevent this cracking.

    If this is such a prevalent problem, why didn't the factory do something about it?

    Oh well...

    Thanks again for the contructive response fella's and have a great Turkey Day!

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