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Discussion in 'Checking Out' started by Big O, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Big O

    Big O Physicist Genii Donating Member

    Been away for a while. I got a new job with Terminix and it took all my time. So much time that I left yesterday. I was also driving my own truck and paying for my own gas. It cost me $400 dollars so far for the first two weeks just for gas. A few 250 mile days will do that. Plus I was working 7:30am to 9:00pm on Mon and Thu, and all day Saturdays with only Sundays off. 5 inspections a day and at least 150 miles driving. I'm looking at a new job with Antimite, a different pest control/termite company. I'll know more on Monday. I do know they have a truck for you to drive and a gas card and a territory to prowl on your own. :laugh: No territories with Terminix so I could have to drive all over the city on my gas.
    So it's time to come back to the fold! I'm going to try my best to get to the Busa Stampede. I have the flyer taped up in front of me right now. I haven't been able to ride for so long that when I got out yesterday it was like getting to know my old friend all over again. We got caught up with each other quickly though and we were scraping the occaisional knee on some of the familiar turns. There's nothing that can't be cured with a good little zip up in the canyons.
  2. Busamomingrief

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    Big O, Hi ::50 back to the Org..:cheerleader:
  3. BA BUSA

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    Hey Owen,
    good to see ya stop by ::4
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  4. Lamb busa

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    It would be great to have you on the socal ride Owen. Hope to at least see ya at Reno.
  5. Big O

    Big O Physicist Genii Donating Member

    Socal Ride? Please post a link. It's time for a ride.
  6. Lamb busa

    Lamb busa 50 warming to 70 again Donating Member

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  7. BusaWhipped

    BusaWhipped Moderator

    Good to see you back :thumbsup:

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