Changing username?

Discussion in 'Message board Suggestions and New Features' started by Sgt Busa, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Sgt Busa

    Sgt Busa Donating Member

    Who do I have to talk to about changing my username?

    I take it captain is no longer the person to go to for this.
  2. paineless4u

    paineless4u Donating Member

    contact cache
  3. Sgt Busa

    Sgt Busa Donating Member

    Will do.

  4. fstbusa

    fstbusa orange peel is caused by excessive speed Donating Member

    yep cache took over...
  5. shenoyp

    shenoyp Hayabusa Master Jedi Donating Member

    ... [​IMG]
  6. cache

    cache Banned

    Sgt............ Busa?
  7. BusaAdmirer

    BusaAdmirer Registered

    yeah.. wassup with changin usernames??
  8. HeliBusa

    HeliBusa Donating Member

    Please, whatever you do, DO NOT change your name to R-1 Or Bisseladmirer

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