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Discussion in 'Electrical Mods' started by philofab, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. philofab

    philofab Registered

    Where does one get a mount like this? I could spin one up on the lathe but I'd rather just order one.

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  2. kromdom

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    looks like a steering stem mount but hard to tell what brand. RAM and Techmount (see pic below) are options


    look into the DUAL TOP PLATE option also

  3. WACKEM1

    WACKEM1 Registered

    Adaptiv mount or tech mount which has a cleaner look to it!
  4. mikelr

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    I'm running a Ram mount with a universal holder that will securely hold anything from a small nav unit to your smart phone, I would show my phone mounted in it but that is what I used to snap the pic..


    SKECHE Registered

    im also runnin a RAM mount and i love it....::6
  6. twotonevert

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    I also use a Ram mount
  7. philofab

    philofab Registered

    It's my roomates mount for his R1, it just happened to fit my bike. I guess he got it off of a club member in Vegas, and the guy makes them himself. I think I may spend a half hour and just build it myself the way I want it. $80 + shipping seems steep for a design I don't care for.
  8. yzguyfl

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