Carrozzeria wheels for 2008 hayabusa

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    HI guys. Am still a bit new here but I feel right at home already. I am looking to customize a 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa with aftermarket wheels and I am considering to buy Carrozzeria wheels. I think they're really beautiful. The wheels I have in mind are the V-track wheels. However, I do have just a few questions about these wheels, if you do not mind me asking. First, what comes in the package. Second, are the wheels a direct bolt-on fit or do I have to change or modify anything? Am asking because a friend of mine told me that they cannot work with the stock rear sprocket. Said something about using a Kawasaki sprocket. And if I do change the rear sprocket, does it mean I have to change the chain as well? Third, will the wheels fit in with the stock brakes? What else will I have to change on the bike? Please help me with this information. Will really appreciate. Thanks
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    Yup the wheels would be a direct replacement. Take off the rotors from the stock wheels and bolt them to the CZ wheels It will work with stock brake set up Yes, CZ wheels run a zx12 sprocket. No need to replace chain to accomendate zx12 sprocket unless you decide to change up the amount of teeth on sprocket.
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    Yes, this. :thumbsup:
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    GO with Carro Tri-R for lightest aluminum wheels. NOt as light as BST CF but close enough for my $$$.

    58 Cycle is where you buy. Email and ask for special price on CZ Tri-R. You can't beat it.

    I have pics and weights for my Tri Rs I got for my ZX14 if you are interested. Also have the weight of BST for comparison. PM me if interested and I'll post pics and info here.

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