Carbon Protection sticker heel plate...??????

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  1. Whiskeyjack

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    First sry if this is the wrong forum.
    saw these on a Suzuki PDF catalogue
    p/n 990D0-15H01-PAD

    The page heading was something like

    Suzuki product accessories Hayabusa
    Bensheim Oct 2008

    Would really like to get a set.Any one know where ...???? please.
    Collect my first busa on Friday..

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  2. RonnieTheBull

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    at the risk of being called captain obvious ??? I would imagine if is a genuine Suzuki item you could get them from your local Suzuki as far as finding them fairly priced...well thats another story...let us know your findings and the pics before and after....good luck with the bike ::4
  3. Whiskeyjack

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    thanks for your reply m8. But they are not available from Suzuki UK. :(
  4. RonnieTheBull

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    Fair is a link to an east coast dealer that offera them here in the states...not sure if they will do international shipping or how much it would cost but it looks like they will run about $17.50 US plus whatever looks like they offer a similar product for the passenger pegs as well...good luck again and let us know :thumbsup:


    CARBON FIBER PROTECTORS GSX1300R HAYABUSA 2008 :: Suzuki Hayabusa :: Street & SuperSport :: Oneida Suzuki Inc
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  5. BLUR

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    I got the rider and passenger c/f trim from my local dealer. My boots always scuff up those heel guards no matter what bike I've had, plus I was bored this winter.
  6. Whiskeyjack

    Whiskeyjack Registered

    they look great. The Busa I'm collecting FRiday is Black/grey...cant wait.
  7. Whiskeyjack

    Whiskeyjack Registered

    Thank Ronnie, I will try emailing them.
  8. RonnieTheBull

    RonnieTheBull Registered

    No problem...keep us updated and remember to post the pics
  9. Hayabusa2005

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