C16 vs MR12

Discussion in 'Racing Technical' started by 06+5 bussa, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. 06+5 bussa

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    Is C16 fuel as good as MR12? Also is C16 as corrosive for your fuel injectors? Will you still have to drain it out?
  2. Professor

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    It is an entirely different fuel for different applications. If your application will work well with c16 it will not work well with MR12. The same with the opposite.

    C16 is not corrosive like MR12. It is not an oxygenated fuel like MR12. It is usually used with blown, very high compression (16+:1) or tons of nitrous.
  3. 06+5 bussa

    06+5 bussa Registered

    Got ya thanks for your reply

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