Bummed but happy

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Thor, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Thor

    Thor Registered

    Hey guys,

    I am bummed, I have to wait another year before I make the step and buy a busa. I have another son coming, due December 25, gotta buy a bigger car now! Although I am bummed about the bike, I am excited about our new baby coming.

  2. BulletTrain

    BulletTrain Call me Daddy... Donating Member

    Hey, congrats on the new son! Maybe some day I'll be blessed with one. Somehow I feel like even riding a busa full tilt would pale in comparison to the joy and excitement of bringing a child into the world. Family first, man, then get the busa. [​IMG]
  3. Thor

    Thor Registered

    These are my two boys, Anthony (10) and Seamus (15mos). This pic is about 3 mos ago. Yeah, nothing beats the excitement I feel for my children.


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  4. nice lookin kids. I got none and 3 bikes [​IMG]
  5. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    Wow Thor! Three boys! That's a handful...my two boys keep me going 24/7...

    Congrats on the new addition coming...a Busa will be there when you're ready! [​IMG]
  6. BulletTrain

    BulletTrain Call me Daddy... Donating Member

    I'll swap you my busa for the little guy. [​IMG]
  7. Mikey D

    Mikey D Registered

    Congrats on the up coming young'un!  We have 6, yes, more than a handfull!

    Make sure you teach them to ride a dirtbike SOON!

    Fondest memory I have is riding with my son at the Dunes!

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  8. BigBSBusa

    BigBSBusa Comin' back stronger than ever! Donating Member

    Congratulations on the new one! There are many times when I think I am not ready for children, but I think I would trade one for the 'Busa. Good luck to 'ya!
  9. Revlis

    Revlis Re-Recycled, Busa-Less... Donating Member

    Congratulations....I am still too skeered of kids... I don't want to have to change everything and give up my...playtime I guess, my wife and I are just too busy and enjoy being able to do whatever, whenever...
    Most of my friends have kids at this point and they seem happy enough though though. I guess we'll just wait and see...
    Again Congratulations...
  10. fstbusa

    fstbusa orange peel is caused by excessive speed Donating Member

    no kids for me....and none in the near future...gotta get further into my career and get all the mods done on the busa before I think about kids or even marriage for that matter.
  11. Let 'er eat!

    Let 'er eat! 120 mph Busa Dirtbiker Donating Member

    Congrats on the new addition. You can always get a bike & of course the rumor is that the '05 will finally be the year the Busa gets a makeover.
  12. cache

    cache Banned

    [​IMG] hmm, mine got a makeover last week..... [​IMG]
  13. Mikey D

    Mikey D Registered

    Don't make me cry again Cache! [​IMG]
  14. Thor

    Thor Registered

    Hey, thanks for all the offers, I wouldn't trade anything for my boys. I think I can wait for my bike. Gettin' all teared up here. All the wait will definately make getting the Busa much sweeter when it happens. My wife bought me a small Tonka Busa about 3 mos. ago, I almost cried.

  15. MET

    MET The Watcher Moderator

    Bikes can wait.. Sons are great and more important I have 3 of them. [​IMG] 2 of mine are old enough to go to the bars with me. 2 of them ride. Younger one is into cars., always wanting to add mods. I just do not know where he gets that kind of stuff. Congrats on the new son.

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