Bound for DENVER

Discussion in 'Checking Out' started by VaBusa, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    Figured I'd better post this while I was thinking about it...

    <marquee><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:firebrick'>Have a great trip stay safe.</span></span></marquee>

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  2. Big Wall

    Big Wall Registered

    Contact us Denver guys closer to time. We probably won't be able to ride but maybe we can go out to dinner.
  3. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks NE...abusing your admin powers again I see! [​IMG] But, it's to do good, so I won't complain... [​IMG] I'm a bit nervous about this trip to be honest...never trekked across country by myself unless it's on a plane! Really looking forward to the trip, but also wondering how long I can stand listening to myself sing to my CD's! LOL I might have to kick myself out by the time I make Kansas!

    Big Wall...if I get time, I'll ping you CO guys and see what's going on...I've got a busy trip scheduled, including a stop in Kansas for a day or two to see my brother-in-law that just returned from duty in Iraq...thanks for the invite...I'll see what I can do... [​IMG]
  4. ThunderPants

    ThunderPants Donating Member

    I am down with dinner, haven't seen Big Wall since last summer even though we live a mile apart. Let us know your schedule when you figure it out VaBusa.
  5. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    I'll see how my schedule goes...thanks guys... [​IMG]
  6. flrider

    flrider ECV No Known Cure Donating Member

    Michelle, Have a safe trip. The cage does not manuver like the Busa or Sportster. Bob

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