Bored Throttle Bodies And A 1441

Discussion in '1/4 Mile' started by sjg34, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Does anyone have any experiences adding bored throttle bodies to a 1441? Did you gain anything at the track? Before and after times would be great to know
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    Great question.
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    If you do the search on line the jury is out. Karl Gunther had done a lot of work with them and found them not to offer any real advantage on anything less than 1600cc and then marginal. On a 1635 with the full blown Carpenter package he picked up 4 hp (281 to 285) from 9500 to 11100 and then dropped power after that.
    While I am a firm believer everything you read on the inner web is true:crazy:, when Carl speaks, you listen!!!

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