Bilt Techno Bluetooth Helmet?

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Fireman6615, Mar 29, 2013.

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    I had 2 vega v-tune helmets. I'm sure this is close to the same quality. I think u be better off to get a Scala rider g4 or g9 and put it into your existing helmet or a new quality helmet. Some friends just got a pair of g9 scala riders for around $300, if you can find someone to go in with its 150 ea and a great unit.

    I'm running a g4 in a Schuberth S2 helmet, with Siri on my iPhone I can do everything while riding by voice commands.

    Edit ... Just checked they paid $390 for the G9 2 pack
  3. dadofthree

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    Is it DOT SNELL
  4. mracer29

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    Lots of companies now use ECE to rate helmets.
  5. Fireman6615

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    Don't know, not much info available on it. I may go look at tomorrow and get some more info. I'll post up something when I find out. Hey Racer, I was considering adding an external unit also, mostly wanting it for hooking up to my phone, that Scala is nice.
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    I bought the modular version, none Bluetooth and love it. I was thinking about exchanging it for that very one but changed my mind.

    Sent from my busa.
  7. mracer29

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    Scala G4 is a cheaper option. The vega v-tunes would only pair with another v-tune helmet, 100ft really isn't very far while riding. The scala will get you a mile. Built in fm radio.

    Last group ride when I'd get to far ahead of my g/f her scala would disconnect and I'd pull over and wait for her.
  8. Fireman6615

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    Well a little follow up. I went down to CycleGear today and put my hands on one. Looks pretty good and has a good fit, the inside padding is nice and the chin spoiler is huge. The flip down visor is really nice, they're just about as big as the visor. Ventilation is OK, could be better. The drawback is the Bluetooth. I spoke with Melinda, one of the girls that work there, known her for a while and she will give me the heads up. She said the helmet is nice but the Blutooth is no good at speed, you cant hear it well. Just passing this on.
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    Ok just bought this helmet, called daughter while driving over 90 on freeway with Road King running Sampson Pipes, (very loud) and I asked her how it sounded, she said great, I said I was on the bike, she said I can not tell, so I went to 100 mph, she said she still could not tell. I love my new helmet. I own a company and love to ride my bike, the one thing that has kept me from that is finding a bluetooth that would disguise that I am riding, I found it.
  10. Flicka

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    100 MPH on a Harley? I'm calling :bs:

    Kidding :laugh:

    Glad you like the new lid.
  11. Busa1166

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    Sena released a lower price unit the smh5
  12. snbusa

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    How do I reach Siri without touching my iPhone? thanks
  13. dadofthree

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    I've actually had one with work at 117 before , as indicated :laugh:
  14. mracer29

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    From the g4 press the top center button once wait a second Siri will beep.
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    Just bought 2 of this same helmet and took the first ride today on dads VTX1300 with loud pipes its very quiet and I am eager to try the phone out on my way home today. I could hear the music perfectly and I did not have it all the way up. My speed way around 80 mph.

    I am going to Panama this weekend on the VTX and my fiance is coming too, she has a matching helmet, my main purpose is for the intercom function. We will be trying that out this afternoon as well.

    If you passed on this helmet good luck finding another, cycle gear said they could not get anymore till July and was not sure if they would still be on sale. I was lucky and they called about 3 days after I was looking for one (I am a regular and the local cycle gear), and said a guy just returned one because it was a b-day present from his wife and was way too big------pure luck!

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    Hate to dig up an old threat, but....

    I found out I am getting a full-face bilt techno for christmas. I do not care so much about the 'tech' side of things as I will still probably use headphones. But, I am worried about the construction of the helmet. While it is probably better than the old vega I am running, I am still concerned about the quality (low price)

    Since these came out, has anyone else had any more long-term experience with these?


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    yea but that don't mean chit at the track here in the US

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    lol i love it im calling bs to

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    I just picked one up a Bilt FF BT helmet this past Saturday for $159; the modular was selling for $179. So far I am very pleased with the performance. I can hear my music just fine without having the volume too high, and the wind noise isn't too bad at all IMO. I like that the inner sun shield comes down to almost touching the nose gaurd, something my Scorpion EXO1000 doesnt do. I haven't tested the bike to bike function yet, but calls sound great!
  20. Schism

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    ^just spotted this today in my cycle gear catalog. i dig the look of the lid and fit and finish looks pretty good. have you tested calls with highway speeds? got a pic of yours?

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