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  1. serephim

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    Went to the bike show yesterday in Toronto, Can.
    Here is a quick report.
    There appears to be two Busa colour options for Canada for 2002. Black and Blue , and the Silver version. Did not care too much for the B & B version but the silver was not bad at all.
    The new VFR 800 is in my opinion.....ugly.
    Some of the offerings from BMW were uhhh....distinct.
    I picked up a blue and silver Shoei helmet for two hundred bucks (can) sweet.
    I will include some photos later on.
    Cheers. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] MUST A TOK A LOT OF PIC,S.......... 2006 AND STIL ON PIC,C..... [​IMG]
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    Geez, talk about dead posts@!
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    Maybe he's using dial up. [​IMG]
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