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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself' started by MN72Busa, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. MN72Busa

    MN72Busa Formerly known as "Zuki" Donating Member

    So what is every one using for oil filter and oil?

    I've been told Purolator is great, K&N is good, and stay away from Fram. Is the Amsoil filter, or any other aftermarket filter better than stock?

    What about oil...not to get a heated debate going, but as far as Syn. oils go, what you all using and why?
  2. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    Went to buy oil filters yesterday and asked for the K&N's. The parts guy at the Suzuki Dealer said that the Suzuki filters are made "right" and the K&N's are not. Not sure why; it doesn't really matter to me one way or t'other. Except that the nut on top of the K&N's is very convenient!

    He didn't have the K&N's so I bought the Suzuki branded filters anyway.

    Make sure you change out the comptression washer on the drain plug every time.

  3. gsxr1100

    gsxr1100 Registered

    Filters that are pretty good:
    Pure One
    Mobil 1

    Oil filters will have different shells, different media inside, Anti-Drain Back Valve, spring different and oil relieve valve. Maybe even different sealing gaskets. Most times these filters are tested per SAE HS806 (efficiency/capacity).

    Synthetic oils that are good:

    Maxima Maxum
    Mobil V-twin

    I am sure there are more, but make sure you look at the Zinc, Phosphate and Ca levels. Most of these base stock oils are fine (in these groups), it is the adds that make or break it. I have been using Amsoil for a long time since the add pkg and the price is hard to beat. The VI and HTHS are pretty high alog with over 3K in Ca and over 1100 and 1200 for Phos and Zinc.

    Now another member on this forum is stuck on Silkolene and Maxima. For me Silkolene is out based on the oil tests when new. Same goes for Synergyn based on their low ZDDP and Ca.

    I am going to try Maxima Extra in my gsxr and test. I know that Maxima has like double the Zinc and Phos but there high levels can at times lead to a sludge engine. But I will try and post the numbers here Oils tests do not lie. Maybe it is better, maybe not. We will see.

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  4. frisbee

    frisbee GODSPEED RACING Donating Member

    Been useing k&n filters and amsoil for years now with no problems!
  5. busa854

    busa854 Donating Member

    Just changed my oil and filter today. I switched from dino to mobil one synthetic and oem filter...3300 miles
  6. Revlis

    Revlis Re-Recycled, Busa-Less... Donating Member

    Scotts Stainless lifetime filter is good stuff. K&N is good, I believe Suzuki is a great choice as well.

    Silkolene is my choice for motor oils, as well as Motul.
  7. paineless4u

    paineless4u Donating Member

    OEM Filter and Mobil one gold cap.
  8. MN72Busa

    MN72Busa Formerly known as "Zuki" Donating Member

    I talked to my Amsoil Dealer tonight (Private Party), and he told me I can run any filter I want, but with Amsoil to cover anything due to oil failure, I have to use an Amsoil filter. Is the Amsoil filter as good or better than the stock Suzuki filter?
  9. gsxr1100

    gsxr1100 Registered

    What bothers me about the Scotts oil filter is #1 there lack of testing. I even emailed them and they replied and said we do not have to test per any specifications. That to me, is just plain nuts since 99.9% of the oil filter industry uses SAE J726, J806 and J905 and beta Raion per SAE J1858.

    Try to find there Efficiency (%) and a Capacity (grams) of the Scotts? Not gonna find it. Example, you can have an oil-filter filter down to 1-micron put the Efficiency and Capacity suck.

    For example, a screen door could be stated to stop 1 micron particles from passing through, yet the percentage of the total 1 micron particles that a screen door will stop is going to be extremely small, and pretty close to zero.

    The price is not a factor at all but for $100 I can buy 12-years of oil filters that go down to 20 to 40 microns (which is the norm). All this time to break even.
  10. gsxr1100

    gsxr1100 Registered

    It is yes and no. Yes you need to use Amsoil IF if you are doing longer or exteneded drains. NO, if you are doing normal drains.

    AMSOIL SDF (made by Baldwin) Filters contain a combination of cellulose, synthetic and glass blend media. Now I know that Amsoil does NOT use of sell their own filters for heavy Duty Diesel apps. They are now replaced by Donaldson ELF filter with finer filtration and even better flow.
    Per the label, efficiency is 98.7% at 15 microns, 50% at 7 microns. Now that is pretty darn good.

    Suzuki is made by Tokyo Roki, Ltd: media is?[​IMG]

    Surface Area: 36 I think
    Filter Thckness: 0.038
    Relieft Pressure: 25
    Case Thk: 10 mils
    Drainback Valve: nitrile

    Surface Area: 94 I think
    Filter Thckness: 0.035
    Relieft Pressure: 18
    Case Thk: 20 mils
    Drainback Valve: nitrile

    Which on it better? Depends on what you want to do. So far I have yet to test my oil USING an Amsoil oil filter. This will be my first this fall. So far, I really do not know if there is an advantage here.
  11. MN72Busa

    MN72Busa Formerly known as "Zuki" Donating Member

    So the more surface area on the filter = better or worse? What is the efficency of the Amsoil / KN / Suzuki filter. Again I hear Purolator is one of the Best...any input? [​IMG]
  12. Bergster

    Bergster Donating Member

    I did a bunch of filter research when I got my 05 LE and the Purolator Pure One  kept coming up as the best.  I just can't seem to get my hands on one.  Mobil1 oil showed the best in the tests that I looked at.

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  13. gsxr1100

    gsxr1100 Registered

    So the more surface area on the filter = better or worse? What is the efficency of the Amsoil / KN / Suzuki filter. Again I hear Purolator is one of the Best...any input? [/QUOTE]

    Depends on the media. It is a yes or no question.

    The ratings I will have to look up. I know Amsoil’s but not K&N or Purolator since I have not looked at them in sometime.

    But I would say unless I have old data in my melon, the Amosil filters are out and K&N (made by Hi Flo I believe or Champion Labs) are ok at best. Try and get info from K&N on ratings is worse then pulling teeth!

    Amsoil has great media in there filters but not much, price are high and non standard OD on filter case. The K&N is a normal (above avg) filter but then 2X the normal price for a nut on it?[​IMG]

    The stock filters by Suzuki are less in media but there drain back is better. But they have a high price for what you get.

    I am going to select either a Pure One (emailed this morning for a #) or a Mobil 1 filter for my GSXR on the next round and test. I personally think Pure One is the best deal.

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  14. GoldenChild

    GoldenChild DID HE REALLY SAY THAT? Donating Member

    You guys may think i'm crazy but I use Napa Filters and Napa fully synthetic oil and have had no falures and hot lap the bikes constanly and no clutches replaced to this day,I'm getting full usage.
  15. mountainmotor

    mountainmotor Donating Member

    Use new synthetic media technology similar to this . Many are made like this today .

    Oil Filter

    The Synergyn mentioned above is much better than the poster thinks and a problem I see is he thinks he can verify the performance of what an oil will do in service from a baseline new oil sample . Lab variance comes into play also in terms of amounts seen/picked up in spectrographic due to equipment type and calibration . This stuff's not as easy to desipher as a few online thinks it to be . Later I'll post a couple Synergyn analysis's where you will see it did as well as the Silkolene did at 1/2 the cost .

    It's all about price vs performance . Always has been , always will be . [​IMG]
  16. gsxr1100

    gsxr1100 Registered

    Each labs can vary 20% for certain things (TBN, VI) and 10% for others. If you think Synergyn is great that is fine. I have yet to see a HUGE delta in add pkg tests via Blackstone, OAI or Butler. It looks to me to be a standard group 4/5 I stated here before:

    Maybe it is great and I do not know the price. Unless it can beat around $4.xx per qt and give me better (less) wear numbers, high TBN, higher ZDDP and less TAN (oxd and Nox) then what I use now, then it is better then what I use now. To me, Synergyn, Mobil and Amsoil all look every close in numbers.

    No I can’t predict (nor anyone) how the oil will perform in any/every bike but on the other hand it does not take a rocket engineer to figure out something with 700 Ca and something with 3,000ppm, which will perform better.

    Again it is not easy to “desipherâ€￾ but again a little understanding, education and know-how goes a long way. And talking to people that deal with these fluids helps too. Basically in today testing, they have made it testing for dummies. Anyone can understand it, unless you can’t read English.

    The oil filters you posted look good, nothing really standing out here. All filters can take out 20 or even 10 micron particles, but what percentage of them is a mystery in a lot of cases. K&N states almost the same thing, "our filters will trap 10-20 micron particles". I really wish that all oil filter makers had to report the efficiency of their filters with the same type of test.
  17. mountainmotor

    mountainmotor Donating Member

    Yet when I correct you and tell you that oil you say ONLY uses 700ppm calcium also synergisticlyuses 700ppm overbased magnesium for additional detergentcy/anti-wear you seem to overlook that fact for whatever reason .

    An honest question , are you in anyway associated in the sales of Amsoils products ? I ask because you don't own a Hayabusa and oil seems to be the only topic your interested in here at a Hayabusa forum and it all been very PRO Amsoil and the price you alledge you pay for your oil makes me take notice .... so I ask [​IMG]

    BTW , the Synergyn cost is around 5.50 per quart for the two 30wts and the 15w-50 and no affiliation with them either . Money often gets in the way of the nitty gritty concerning oil info on the net so it can be a buyer beware type situ on certain oil forums .
  18. MN72Busa

    MN72Busa Formerly known as "Zuki" Donating Member

    Wow, this is turning into a very informative thread! [​IMG] Since were talking about a possible Amsoil dealer on the board here, how's ths price I get from my dealer - "SMF109 filter / $8.25, and the oil is MCFQT and they are $7.00 (6 quarts) -- total $53.50 with tax". what the Heck does MCFQT mean?

    Also, Ive read some where around here, and maybe Im wrong, but Mobil 1 is the only true synt? Is this true...?
  19. mountainmotor

    mountainmotor Donating Member

    Oil filter surgery

    Look at the Amsoil

    Oil filter cross reference

    The Mobil Supersyns and their 5w-40 Truck and SUV oil along with their bike oils are the only over the counter true group 4 and 5 synthetics around the likes of Walmarts , Pep Boys ect .

    Depends on which counter though . I am speaking of mass marketed oils made by the 4 largest oil companies typically sold at auto stores and Walmarts.

    The Sinclair 5w-30 and 10w-30 synthetics still uses group 4 PAO's and Group 5 esters if you ever run across it
  20. mountainmotor

    mountainmotor Donating Member

    Here is that oil on the Amsoil website . It's 8.05 per quart .

    The prefererred customer pricing is said to be 15-20 percent less per the website making that oil at most , $1.60 per quart less so I would gather to buy that oil in the 4 dollar per quart area like stated above one would have to be a Amsoil dealer from the info gleaned from their website .

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