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Discussion in 'Modifications & Aftermarket Equipment' started by haiR1, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. haiR1

    haiR1 Registered

    can anyone share & suggest the best exhaust system in the market...?

    wat about the system u r using currently....? advantage? disadvantage?

  2. haiR1

    haiR1 Registered

    care to share....?? ::50 ::50 ::50
  3. O Holy P

    O Holy P Registered

    Well the best full system probably involves a few turbines. :)
  4. themominator

    themominator Registered

    I got the same system that is in the above picture, tri oval dual exit yoshimura looks and sounds excellent, and very high quality.
  5. themominator

    themominator Registered

    I believe the famouse Yoshimura Hayabusa X1's used the same system (in Titanium) it is around 10kg lighter than the originals and you really do feel the difference.
  6. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    change your font please ::25

    Do a search, someone just a few weeks ago also asked about "the best".
  7. adam4g63

    adam4g63 Registered

    i want the brock alien head, its sweet
  8. Paulie1300

    Paulie1300 Registered

  9. geecare

    geecare Registered

    Tsukigi Spec II. Tame at a stop, open piped on full throttle. Check out on you tube.
  10. tigerbite84

    tigerbite84 Registered

    I am also looking at the alien brockhead. Question, with the silencer from the company, will this pass inspection with the dB level? Anyone had any problems?
  11. haiR1

    haiR1 Registered

  12. haiR1

    haiR1 Registered

    anyone using muzzzy
  13. Karl_1052

    Karl_1052 Registered

    If you ask this question to 100 different riders, you will get 101 different answers.
  14. tigerbite84

    tigerbite84 Registered

    I was also looking into getting a full exhaust for my bike. What's the best 4-1 complete exhaust system with a good sound. I was looking towards the alien head, but I'm just worried that it won't pass inspection or attract authorities. Muzzy? Akrapovic? Yoshimura? Any recommendations?
  15. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    Between the Tsukigi Canon and the TiForce 380 MM its easy to make the most power a stock motor can produce, EASY! Yoshimura R77 is in the same Ballpark.
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  16. mike1180

    mike1180 Banned

    Orient Express Titanium Sumo. (Made by Ti-Force)
  17. 99'busa

    99'busa Donating Member

    hp go with tsukigi or brocks

    your green font gave me a headache::25:laugh:
  18. tigerbite84

    tigerbite84 Registered

    any problems with cornering with exhaust systems that are low? Such as alien head, or sidewinder?

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Not at all!
  20. haiR1

    haiR1 Registered

    anymore suggestion....?::50

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