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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by mr8ball, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. mr8ball

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    I am doing the coolant change and was wondering what is the best coolant to use. I have some Prestone 50/50 that said not to add water, Would that be OK? How much should it take? Thanks in advance
  2. teddypenn

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    i used engine ice on my 06. i dont realy notice any difference than it from stock. next time i change my coolant, ill prob go with the prestone 50/50. not 100% sure, but i think it took about half a gallon. maybe someone can confirm? ???
  3. jphilipson

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    I personally use Engine Ice.. it won't make a difference with the temperature reading on bike when sitting in traffic, but it transfers more heat from the engine to the coolant and dissipates the heat quicker.

    However, most people I know who know what they are talking about will say Evan's is the best..

    NPG+ Engine Cooling Systems

    A lot of good info on that site.
  4. Cookie

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    47% Prestone DexCool, 47% Distilled Water ONLY! (req. to not rust internals), balance Redline Water Cooler. Mix all in a separate container, pour through funnel into filler neck, shake rattle and roll, cycle fan, top off over-flow reservoir.
  5. GPW

    GPW Donating Member

    Coolanol by Maxima or Engine ICE seem to work fine for me.
  6. Cookie

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    It's like a "What's your favourite Ice Cream?' thread. :rofl:
  7. Mythos

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    Whatever you use, make sure it is labeled as being safe for aluminum and personally I would only use something made for motorcycles. You only change every year or two so why be cheap? Also distilled water only, as mentioned above. Coolant contains anti-corosives that will work best if mixed according to directions (usually 50/50). Also, you want to have the proper antifreeze protection which is achieved by mixing to the proper proportions. I don't believe you should vary too much from the directions on mixing.
  8. jphilipson

    jphilipson Registered

    That's why I just stick with Engine Ice. It's labeled for motorcycles, and it's premixed so everything is easy.
  9. critterdoc

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    Oh well. it MUST be better then!

    Sheesh, there's one born every minute. This is like one of those "which oil should I use" threads where the riders who have more money than knowledge say that only over-priced "motorcycle" oils are put in their bikes.

    It's your bike. Do whatever you want with it.
  10. WWFII

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    So, using regular coolant for cars will work fine? Do cars also use aluminum radiators? I was worried when I purchased coolant -- it was difficult finding coolant that stated it was "aluminum" friendly...Why does the Suzuki manual specify "aluminum" friendly coolant? Does regular car coolant have an effect on the aluminum? Is there some kind of chemical reaction?
  11. GoldenChild

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    Liquid Performance Coolant or Engine Ice...
  12. Busamax

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    Engine Ice, just follow the directions and flush the old stuff out with vinegar and water (per Engine Ice site).
  13. dadofthree

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  14. m_ridgeway

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    Seems like most would have to be aluminum friendly since most motors these days are aluminum or have a lot of aluminum components. Either way I don't think you'll break the bank on any kind of antifreeze. I use whatever the parts house has premix.
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  15. mr8ball

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    Thanks for all the response, I talked with the dealer today and i was told the Prestone 50/50 would work just fine so that is what i went with. I will let you know if i have any trouble. Thanks again
  16. jch364

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    i changed my orig. fluid with 50/50 prestone and it was fine. had no issues. like the orig fluid it did get hot past the half way mark if stuck in traffic for a while, then changed to engine ice. that did make a diff. it wont go over half way now no matter what the temp. so it helps i would say.

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