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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by DanS, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. DanS

    DanS Registered

    Who is using the Bazzaz contoller with the self mapping and do you like the system? I am considering the Bazzaz over the PC for my bike.
  2. ToXSicK RoCKeT

    ToXSicK RoCKeT Registered

    I'm not using one, WISH i was though....I screwed up and bought a PC3! I've heard NOTHING but GREAT things about them for the "08's". Especially if you plan to spray "dry n2o" there the only one's out there that will control all 8 injectorz. I here if there is ANY DRAW BACKS to the bazzaz, it's there a little more in depth as far as tuning goes, and there not as popular "YET" as PC3.
  3. kingofdacoast

    kingofdacoast Registered

    Bazzaz is off the chain. Being able to control both injectors make dry shots oh so easy to tune now. The software is a little glitchy but I love it. I'm putting them on all my new 08 busa's that I'm tuning. If your thinking of adding a air shifter later go ahead and buy the quick shifter one. Its pricey but in the end you'll love it.

    BIKE DUDE Donating Member

    Probably more than what I need for a full Yosh and aftermarket air filter.
  5. Gixx1300R

    Gixx1300R Registered

    Lightly modded Busas really dont need a Bazzaz box. It works well on Big bore,Nitrous,Turbo bikes. Get the Bazzaz box and Z-AFM self mapping kit. It reads the A/F ratio and stores the correct tables to adjust the Air and Fuel. You then upload that map into your laptop and then download it into the bazzaz box.
  6. ToXSicK RoCKeT

    ToXSicK RoCKeT Registered

    Holly Shiznitz!!! I just went to there web site to check into this a little more! 1st off, yes its a SICK SET UP, But to do it like GIXX 1300R suggested(which is the ONLY way to go) You have to buy the main bazzaz box(399.99) Then you have to buy the Z-AFM(349.99)separate, AFM is what allows you to do the "self tuning". So for a mere 800.00(OUCH) YOU COULD HAVE THIS SET UP!! I Think i'll stay with the PC3 for now :laugh: They also have two other units available, one's a bazzaz w/traction control(900.00) THEN there's one for the quick shift sensor thingy :dunno: (900.00) AND NONE OF THEM WILL INTERCHANGE!!! Meaning if you bought there basic bazzaz box(399.99).....And then later you wanted the traction control, you'd have to buy a whole nother set up! Here's there web site check it out Bazzaz Performance - Motorcycle ECU mapping and ignition components. - Home
    BTW, make sure to check out there Q&A section
  7. Gixx1300R

    Gixx1300R Registered

    correct,just remember the Bazzaz box will control all 8 injectors. You will have to purchased 2 Power Commanders to do that on an 08 Busa or the GSXR1000s with dual sets of injectors
  8. ToXSicK RoCKeT

    ToXSicK RoCKeT Registered

    Oh ya, i definitely know this would be the HOT Set up, For Sure ::4 I would Love to run this on my 08, But just like you mentioned above, this would probably be WAY OVERKILL for the average busa owner thatz just gonna put a pipe and filter on and call it good. This bazzaz is pretty much a baby data logger, Thing is badazz though! If ya gotz the Coin, and gonna spray, or turbo, THIS WOULD BE THE REAL DEAL! ::29 ::4
  9. Kainedogg

    Kainedogg Registered

    Tell you what, one of you guys buy it. Then post it for sale at a severely depreciated price due to some unforseen financial tragedy, set in motion by the the supposedly failed ecnomic bail out, K? ::25
  10. ToXSicK RoCKeT

    ToXSicK RoCKeT Registered

    :rofl: :laugh:
  11. Gixx1300R

    Gixx1300R Registered

    I dont think I will have much room for anything else.

  12. bigoltool

    bigoltool Registered

    Theoretical situation here so if I strike a bad cord with any tuners out there it is purely unintentional.

    If(?) the self mapping thing works as advertised you would theoretically not need to dyno the bike since the Box is matching to an A/F ratio on its own. Now I know that a lot of good dyno tuners dont simply look at the A/F ratio so there is a lot of assumption here. A good dyno tune is generally going to run you around $300. If you ever decided to try a new combo the box would in theory remap the thing to match. So if you are doing a lot of experimenting the thing would pay for itself rather quickly I would imagine. This is all under the grand assumption that it truly worked as advertised.
  13. Gixx1300R

    Gixx1300R Registered

    That is correct but remember the one thing that alot of people miss, dynos cant and will not and I repeat,will not simulate real world conditions. A dyno will get you close and is a good tuning tool but it cannot simluate the ramair effect and atmospheric conditions at speed.
  14. fastblackblur

    fastblackblur Registered

    measuring AF is great but you'll still have to figure out your own timing
  15. ToXSicK RoCKeT

    ToXSicK RoCKeT Registered

    +1,000,000 I believe thats why Brock has had so much success with his exhaust systems and "MAPS". He just does not through it on a dyno adjust the AFR and call it good! FROM there he THEN, TWEAKS his maps in the real world = "SPOT-ON PERFORMANCE"(for me anywayz) ::4
  16. ToXSicK RoCKeT

    ToXSicK RoCKeT Registered

    DAYUM!!! ::30 Thats a Beautiful Thing Though, Gotta love "GOFAST GOODIEZ" ::29
  17. onebadcbr929

    onebadcbr929 Registered

    All i can say is it made a huge difference on mine, and i don't have any experience in tuning, it's pretty easy to do, just put the desired afr go make some runs and apply the changes, keep doing this until it doesn't suggest any changes, i haven't even had time to get mine perfect yet but all i can say is now i can't even roll on the throttle in first or second without breaking the tire loose, shinko is on the way though.
  18. ToXSicK RoCKeT

    ToXSicK RoCKeT Registered

    Where did you get yours from? Where you able to find any kind of a sale/discounted price(if you dont mind me asking, that is)? Thx
  19. Rockin C Racing

    Rockin C Racing Donating Member

    This last summer, my tuner and I installed a Bazzaz on my 1000 because it controls all 8 injectors. Come to find out you can not maximize the duty cycle like you can with Power Commander. With the Bazzaz installed and the tables maxed out on E85 it was leaner than when the PCIII was installed and 4 injectors maxed out.

    Just my experience with it. I still think the Bazzaz is a good unit. Atleast it is competition for DynoJet which is good for the end user/consumer.
  20. turbobusa2000

    turbobusa2000 Registered

    Thats because E85 takes more fuel needed per unit of air to reach the same desired a/f ratio. You would have had a lean condition with the power commander as well, if you tried it.

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