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    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'></span>Don't have any pics for you yet, I'm at work.  Had to get back today  [​IMG]

    The other boys are either with sin city riders on the poker run, or running around town with da rubbah.

    We all were very lucky with the cops this year, its unreal.  Owen(Big O) and I rode the most miles and we saw 25 cops out there in 2 days!!!!   We almost got 5 tickets!!!

    Ticket 1)  Coming up from laughlin, some high speed sweepers, I'm leading, coming around the corner about 120-130 and there's a cop.  He has someone pulled over, but he's in his car looking straight at me as I slow it back down to the limit.  He never pulled out!!  whew

    Ticket 2) Owen, Mike(Nomad), and I are heading up to the valley of fire.  Luckly Mike was leading and has a radar detector.  He slows us down abrubtly and on the next corner are 2 cops ready to go.  But due to the radar detector we were doing the speed limit when the cops saw us.    whew

    Ticket 3) After Owen and I finished our S&R ops in the valley of fire, I'll explain below, we're going down a straight 5mile long road at about 125.   Its twlight, and I see 2 headlights a couple miles ahead, I slow down to 45.  Owen is about 2 miles behind and as the cop passes me his lights go on.  He pulls Owen over, but lets him go!!!    whew

    Ticket 4) The whole group is heading into Death Valley.  At some point we pass a cop, we all were movin', you know real quick  [​IMG]   We stop for a break and about 10-15mins later a cop pulls up and rolls down the window.  He said he noticed a couple of us doing 130, tells us to slow it down, and pulls off.  We look at each other and say, 130 is that all!!??   [​IMG]   whew

    Ticket 5) Owen and I are just getting back to Vegas and traffic is backed up for miles on the road.  Owen's bike isn't cooling right, it overheats really quick when sitting.  We sit in traffic as long as possible, but when the temp goes into the red, we start splitting on the shoulder.  By the time I see the cop, suv, he had seen me.  So I kept going slowly to see what he would do.  Well he pulls into the shoulder almost taking out Owen who was following me!!!  He's driving in the ditch next to the road, along side Owen, rolls down the window and says 'I know you're going to pull back into traffic"  I had already gotten back into traffic and Owen pulls alongside me and the cop pulls in right behind us.  Owen makes a finger pointing motion at me as if to say" We can't do that here" as the cop is looking at our Cali plates.  Then he gets on the PA and says "lane splitting maybe legal in Cali but not in Nevada"  We give him thumbs up, salutes, all the good stuff and continue on.   Luckily we had split all the way to the freeway by that point, so Owen's temp was good to go as we got on the freeway.   whew

    OK, now for the S&R(search and rescue) ops in the valley of fire.

    Owen, Mike and I are just finishing a break at the entrance to the valley of fire.  The road is twisty ahead with dangerous corners(cresting hills with blind sharp corners) and we take off for some fun.  Both guys dissappear in my mirror quick so after 5 mins I wait, see Owen and takeoff again.  After another 3 mins I stop for Owen again.  It takes a while, so I turn around and head back.  Here comes Owen and as I pass him he motions that he is turning around also.  Obviously he's been waiting for Mike and hasn't seen him(Mike is fast in the corners).  As we're heading back looking for Mike I stop the first car I see and the driver hasn't seen Mike.  Not good, he might have crashed.  So now Owen and I are looking to the sides of the road for debris, skid marks, crash indicators.  We get all the way back to where we started and saw nothing.  So I go for cell phone reception while Owen continues to look.  I call 911 and get that ball rolling.  Go back and find Owen.  He hasn't seen anything.  He keeps looking, I go back to reception and report that we haven't seen any evidence of a crash.  The police SGT of S&R ops that I'm talking to says he'll have the rangers to a couple drive thrus when they close the park, which'll be a couple of hours later, but since Owen and I can't find anything odds are that he turned around and went his own way.  The SGT asks me to call him later to see if Mike has shown up.
    I leave a message on Mike's phone to call me and head off to get Owen.  Owen and I form up and start heading back.  We almost get that ticket as explained above.  I leave another message for Mike at the Gas station as I wait for the pulled over Owen.  We head to dinner where the rest of the gang is.  We get there, still no Mike.  I leave another message.  After 1/2 hour at dinner I call the SGT back and we talk about filing a missing persons report tomorrow and call waiting beeps.  Its Mike on the other line!  S&R ops are cancelled.  Mike had turned off some side road for a photo op, then while backtracking looking for him Owen and I passed him, then he got back on the road.  He waited at the gas station but eventually thought we had left him behind so he went back to the hotel.

    Never let it be said that we left a man behind  [​IMG]  [​IMG]

    OK, I'm done for now...  Fingers are cramping as I'm sure all of your eyes are hurting   [​IMG]

    Now the only other thing is;

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Everyone needs to ask Rich(BA Busa) what happened in Jubilee pass!!</span>  I'll let him tell that story  [​IMG]   [​IMG]   [​IMG]

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    Almost forgot...  Met Rubbah, Shortboarder, Gunny, Nomad,and a newbie(to the org) at Vegas for the first time. [​IMG]  Can't remember the newbie's name, sorry I'm bad with names.

    But it was really cool meeting those guys for the first time and riding with some old farts I've know for a while  [​IMG]  [​IMG]

    Can't wait for next year's Vegas run  [​IMG]

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  3. runeight

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    sorry I missed you guys. If you were in Laughlin I live right across the river!

    Could of givin you a guided tour the back way on old route 66. Always next year.

  4. racerV

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    Great story, hopefully you guys wanna do another Vegas trip this summer after I get my bike here in Cali after the Busa Bash.
  5. Charlesbusa

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  6. Charlesbusa

    Charlesbusa Used to be a SoCal Busa Donating Member

    Oh, and yes my right tail light is out.

    But guess what... [​IMG]

    They're both out now [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Warputer

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    Cool pics !! [​IMG]
  8. DAZZ

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    Sounds like you & the boys had a real good time........... [​IMG] just need to find out now what this whole "BA"...THING .... is about......... [​IMG]
  9. sageronin

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    Too cool ... glad you all had a great time and no tickets!!
  10. Charlesbusa

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    nothing like a teaser to make it even more interesting [​IMG] [​IMG]

    he he he

    send Ba busa a bunch of PMs [​IMG] I'd laugh my butt off if he had a hundred pms waiting for him Mon night [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Charlesbusa

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    Oh yeah, one other thing;

    Gas in Death Valley area.... $3.89 for 87 if I remember correctly [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PACIFICBUSA The Shaver Immortal Donating Member

    nice...sounds like it was a great time.
  13. FastCurrey

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    No worries, CharlesB I suck with names too. My RL handle is Jon. See attached image for a glimpse into the future taken in Shoshone just after being scolded by the cop for "only" doing 130mph.

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  14. dl6996

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    Nice riding with ya again Charles. Was that the pic before she hiked the prices 10 cents while we watched? Brandi and I will be heading out your way in July.
  15. dl6996

    dl6996 Registered

    I'll get a couple of pics up later. Can't type yet....gotta get some things squared away at the house.
  16. FastCurrey

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    That was from when we first got there. 10 Mins later she hiked the price.

    MC MUSTANG Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer; it's up to you... Administrator Donating Member

    I talked to Gunny on the phone and he said you guys had a great time! Can't wait to hear more and see more pics!
  18. Charlesbusa

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    It was great seeing you guys again!!

    Both of you have to make Laguna, it is MotoGP you know [​IMG]

    We're thinking of setting up a SoCal ride to, I'll keep you informed. Speeds will be much lower here, doubtful you'll break a 100 unless you try to. The canyons give you all the fun you want [​IMG]
  19. Kento-Moto

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    MORE PICS! [​IMG] Thanx Chuck! Nice review, we gotta get some sorta rule where to meet up if separated, that missing busa deal woulda drove me nuts.
  20. Charlesbusa

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    Definately, we had never riden with Nomad before. A little talk before leaving probably would have saved us the S&R fiasco [​IMG]

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