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Discussion in 'B-King General Discussion' started by mmissile, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. mmissile

    mmissile Registered

    Does anyone have a concise list of what's available? I'd really like to see what's out there, before I buy something I hate.

    Thanks, Mike/MMissile
  2. sunnyle

    sunnyle Registered

    Ditto, windshields don't come cheap.
  3. erixgix

    erixgix Registered

    Aren't windshields what they put in cars?
  4. mmissile

    mmissile Registered

    that was helpful
  5. nhgunnut

    nhgunnut Registered

    I have the Power Bronze , I would avoid it. It mounts on by drilling the headlight cover and vibrates like crazy. I have modded it so it is stable but I would find something else. V Stream and Puig are getting good reviews
  6. mmissile

    mmissile Registered

    Thanks, I was looking at the VStream.
  7. Max Speed

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  8. mmissile

    mmissile Registered

    I got in touch with National Cycle about the VStream winshield. It covers the whole top of the headlite housing, and adds some width as well. I think it may give the most wind coverage. It also mounts like the earlier GSXR windshields, with tubular uprights from the triple-clamp. Looks pretty well thought-out. I seem to be down to 2 choices.
  9. Good2Bking

    Good2Bking Registered

    Well, here is the Vstream mounted on my King:

  10. raydog

    raydog Enjoying 1 road at a time Donating Member

    That is certainly the nicest BK I've ever seen. The windscreen looks perfect. Raydog
  11. mmissile

    mmissile Registered

    Thanks for the pics. Your bike looks great. That shield is pretty large. Does it move, or have any other issues?
    Thanks, Mike/MMissile
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  12. Good2Bking

    Good2Bking Registered

    Thanks Raydog! Mmissile, I have had no issues whatsoever with the shield. It's sturdy and doesn't move and I've been up to about 110 with it...I got it off my site on a group buy for $200 so I couldn't refuse!
  13. Bandit21

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  14. suncoast

    suncoast Registered

    Bumping an old thread I'm just wondering if there are any other options out there or how the V-Stream or Puig screens seem to be holding up? I'm trying to decide between the 2.
  15. Black Clover

    Black Clover Registered

    Can't speak for the Puig...
    My V-Stream holds up well to mid 9's@145 mph. I visit the dragstrip almost every weekend with zero issues.
    Not to mention it's a daily driver. I can recommend it with confidence as it provides more than adequate wind protection.

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