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Discussion in 'Welcome B-King Members' started by B-Rex, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. B-Rex

    B-Rex Registered

    Hello Everyone....special thanks to Doug for opening up this B-King section.

    I've owned and ridden (when there was no snow) a 2008, black-on-black B-King since November 2007. By most folks standards on here I'm sure I would be considered a geezer (I'm 52). However, my second mid-life crisis compelled me to wait for, and purchase, what very likely was one of the first of 350 B-Kings delivered to U.S. dealers. It took me two years to finally get it and the wait was well worth it!

    I've been riding off and on for over 35 years. My previous bikes included Hondas, Triumphs, BSAs, Harleys and one Kawasaki 750, 3-cylinder, 2-stroke fire-breathing, ill-tempered drag bike. I drag raced the Kawi for 2yrs (I was quite a bit younger then) until a front tire blowout left me wedged in the strip's "wall of tires" and the Kawi in hundreds of pieces.  Since that time, despite my having mostly civilized bikes since then, I have missed that beast of a drag bike.  It is for that reason that I decided on the B-King.

    I did sit on a Hayabusa once and and realized, nearly instantly, that I would not be able to afford the chiropractic and urology bills necessary for me to ride the thing routinely. But from that dealer visit, I decided I wanted a bike with that mill but ergos more appropriate to my station in life. So the wait for the B-King began.

    Anyway,I have to say I love this motorcycle! It is the fastest, smoothest, most sophisticated and agile "big bike" I have ever owned. Without a doubt, I consider it a perfect match for me and anyone else that wants the combination of power and comfort the "Bee" offers.

    I'm slowly adding modifications to my Bee and am very interested in what other people have done with theirs. I am also very interested in talking about individual experiences and some of the pros and cons of this bike with other motorcyclists.

    Thanks again for making "space" for B-King owners, future owners and anyone else interested in these amazing bikes.
  2. Professor

    Professor Hayabusa Immortal Staff Member Administrator

    Welcomn B-Rex,

    I look forward to hearing more about your experience with the bike!
  3. B-Rex

    B-Rex Registered

    Thanks much Professor. I look forward to participating here. There aren't too many of us yet....but I suspect the Bee will eventually build a sizable collection of happy owners.
  4. Fate

    Fate Donating Member

    [​IMG] Welcome to the board.
  5. dave1000x

    dave1000x Registered

    pics.......... [​IMG]
  6. BusaWizard

    BusaWizard On a Steel Horse I ride. Donating Member

    Hey B-King Dot Org. Welcome, never too much knowledge. [​IMG]
  7. Schism

    Schism Donating Member

    welcome aboard! do you have any pics on hand? [​IMG]
  8. B-Rex

    B-Rex Registered

    Thanks for all the welcomes!

    Regarding pics....I have to admit I only have two blurry cell phone shots at the moment. However, I am supposed to pick my Bee up from the dealer tomorrow or Saturday (it's in getting some basic mods). So, I should be able to get some usable shots of her over the next few days.

    The lovely weather has not given me a lot of time for photos. The very few days that it was warm enough to ride....that's what I did until dark. I Still have a few more break-in miles to burn off....gawwd I hate winter.

    Anyway...hopefully within the next week or two the weather will be good enough to do a couple of hundred mile run. Should have some goodies from that.
  9. jch364

    jch364 Registered

    That bike is one sick puppy. looks like a decepticon. i love it
  10. ron'sbking

    ron'sbking Registered

    Hi B-Rex
    Like you, I've been riding a long time (since 1970) and have enjoyed riding a variety of bikes. Still have a 99 Valkyrie with 60,000+ miles and running great. I'm 62 and like you wanted a Busa, but did not want to lay down and ride. Got a B-King in January 08 and love it. I just changed tires @ 4700 miles to Michelin Pilot's- much better!! I have not made any changes at this point- still enjoying it as is. Cops can't hear me coming at 140.
    Safe Riding
    Fast Riding
  11. GSX1300R-T

    GSX1300R-T Members For Members Donating Member

    I'm a hardcore Busa owner,............but would like the B-King as a second bike. My first ride on a B-King was ron'sb-king's bike. Instantly fell in love with it. The ergonomics are second to known,........and to feel that "Busa grunt" from low revs,..........in an upright sitting position is freakin' awesome!!

    So,......big thumbs-up to B-King owners,...................you have chosen wisely!! Welcome one,.........welcome all!! :thumbsup:
  12. GSX1300R-T

    GSX1300R-T Members For Members Donating Member

    YEAH,..........those Hollywood bastards should use it in the next movie!!:please:
  13. skb

    skb Registered

    welcome,I am also a fairly new convert to the B.King.
    mods I have already carried out come in two categories....looks and performance/ergonomics.
    1)carbon parts now include.hugger(with silver vented mesh),chain guard,clutch cover
    2)tear dropped crash bungs with B.King logo(wicked)
    3)micron c/fibre exhausts(the biz)
    4)renthal(firm)grips...so much better for feel
    5)mfw-vario foot pegs...totally opens the tank to pegs position,no more hitting your knees /swinging your knees out to change gear(I am 6'2)
    6)screen in dark tint
    7)gipro/atre..gear and speed reconfigurator(make sure you use setting 4)you can now clearly see the gear you are in(the original/ read out on the dash is obscured by the throttle cables)and there is a definite increase in throttle response
    I have owned super bikes...zx12r's,gsxr1000's,r1's,and have ridden almost everything(worth riding)over the last several years but I have to say the B.King is one of the most rewarding and it is very nimble/surprising to what looks to be a large bike
    anyway...converse with you all soon
  14. BUBBA

    BUBBA Foghoon Leghoon Donating Member

    ::50 to the ORG.
    Have fun and ride safely.
    Post some pics soon.
  15. Scar

    Scar Seasoned Pilot Donating Member


    Great place, great bikes, great people!

    One in my primary crew has a sweetly modified B-King. He'll be particularly glad to have you here.

  16. brpo

    brpo Registered

    45 years old, riding since 1978. B King had all the power I wanted without the race replica ergonomics...
  17. Scotv66

    Scotv66 Registered

    Hi all - Scot in Northern VA!! I have a B-King and love it - lots still to do to it but the grin factor is like no other - So glad to find the group and hope we can all help each other greatly - we sure have a great platform to build on - I look forward to catching up with you all!!!
  18. macon454

    macon454 181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C Donating Member Registered

    ::50 To the org. You will love the B-King.

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