Auxilary Power Outlet Mounting

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Sum Beach, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Sum Beach

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    I was visiting my parents last weekend and I happened to notice a Cyclegear store just one mile down the road from their house!
    Well I picked up a 12v universal power outlet for the Busa. I thought it would be a good idea for running the GPS instead of running it on battery power alone.
    Just started looking around the front end and cannot really pick out a decent place to mount it.

    Just wanted to get ideas fom folks on here where they are mounting power outlets. Pics would help out too!!

    And, do just run it straight from the battery like the instructions say?
    And would a toggle switch be a good idea also?
    Any ideas are welcome!!!!!
  2. twotonevert

    twotonevert Member of P.E.A. Moderator

    Always put a fuse inline. I would suggest other power options, but since you have already purchased it I would suggest you mount it in the trunk and run your wire from the front to the back to power your accessories. In the trunk of my 05, I had a dual outlet wired in and mounted to the cross bar where the seat latches. On my 09, I have a 3BR USB shown the pic below. It is wired via relay and trigger wire tired to a fuse block in the trunk. (Thanks again Cap for wiring the relay).

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  3. Blanca BusaLess

    Blanca BusaLess Suffers from PBSD Donating Member

    I zip tied mine to the metal clip already holding the cables in front of triple tree.


    Nice low style Velcro mount.....:)

    I routed it from battery thru frame on left side right along with the throttle cables following them up front of gas tank and under triple tree to the clip.
  4. Sum Beach

    Sum Beach Registered

    A couple of good ideas so far!!!!!!
    I bought the outlet since it was in the half off bin, so I thought I would give it a try instead of rewiring the whole bike.
  5. kromdom

    kromdom wannabe HOON Donating Member

    Don't need any but I ALMOST bought one myself because of the discount :thumbsup:

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  6. BusaBret

    BusaBret Almost...... Donating Member

    This is what I have on the front and rear of mine. No better product on the market and one of the owners is a member here::51

    From my dunce stool :cookoo:
  7. Sum Beach

    Sum Beach Registered

    Yep! That's the one! And I got the last one on the shelf.
  8. dadofthree

    dadofthree Seasoned Beef Donating Member

    Front side of the top clamp :thumbsup:

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