Anyone playing Halo 3 online?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by bigjohn141, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. bigjohn141

    bigjohn141 Donating Member

    If you have the game and haven't played online yet you really should try it. Before you do try it make sure you have nothing important to do that day because it is a little adictive... kinda like the org
  2. ike

    ike Registered

    Going to play it for my 1st time after a cold bath. I just ran a half marathon and need it real bad. Can't wait to play.

    BUSAFETT Registered

    I myself haven't played it yet but am hearing great things about it. Some of the guys on the BTDT forums have been playing.

    I try to stick to PC games to keep expenses down! [​IMG]
  4. Dan

    Dan Married to HRH Grammy Donating Member Registered

    Started playing it last week. Great game!
  5. Jester0769

    Jester0769 Hayabusa Master Donating Member

    I love it, it is addactive as hell.

    Let me know your player tag and Ill look ya up next time I log on.


    Player tag: BusaJester
  6. jessup

    jessup Just because the dog eats it doesnt mean Donating Member

    Dude tell me about it... I am continuously logging in to my ps3 and playing either warhawk or Resistance fall of man... My wife will go to bed at ten o'clock and the next thing I know it is 4 am and I am still chucking grenades or laying mines...
  7. 1320Busa

    1320Busa #1 stand up playa,fug with me,RSD will k Donating Member

    hey guy I need some help. I am planing on buying a system for my son and nephew for Christmas but should I get them the Xbox 360 Elite or PS3. They both are into the sports/skater games. I was thinking of the Xbox because of the amount of games they can chose from now and maybe the PS3 next Christmas. What do you think?

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