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Discussion in 'Top Speed' started by MET, Jan 29, 2004.

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    I think it was 1992 on a Triumph. i may have the year wrong. it was about 250mph. What the heck were they running in power and plastic?
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    That was Jon Minnono riding the Big D Triumph/Ed Mabry 2000cc "Double-Triple" Pushrod-operated Triumph open-wheel motorcycle.  Last Bonneville mile speed of 252+MPH, with an exit speed of 256+MPH.

    That was, and still is the fastest open-wheel motorcycle to run anywhere in the world.  Faster then me, faster then The Speed King, faster then The New Speed King, Faster then Lee Shierts on the Rich Yancy #8 Busa. Faster even than Wayne Pollack!

    The bike was basicly a pair of late 60's/early 70's triumph 750 "triples" bored out to about 1000cc each.  Old Harley 3-speeed transmission, old Harley fairing, Big D seat.  One(1) turbo and alcohol fuel, custom frame and a BIG car tire in the back.

    I saw that run in person, and it was the most impressive open-wheel run I have ever seen at Bonneville.  It was as impressive as when I watched Lee Shierts run 250 MPH in October (I was at the starting line for that run).  Maybe more impressive 'cause it was about 12 years ago, and with such "low tech" equipment.

    After more then a decade, it is still "the mark" thaqt everybody is after!
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    Wow that is something!!!....

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    He's still the man to beat..

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