Anyone ever take xanax?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by ditchdr, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. ditchdr

    ditchdr Registered

    Dr put me on xanac to help control my anixety. just took my firt pill maybe 5 min ago, anyone else take this stuff? What kind of things should I expect while on it?
  2. SHADiGUY1

    SHADiGUY1 IT IS WHAT IT IS Donating Member

    xanax will cause drowsiness. Depends on the mligram you have generally the half miligram is a small orange pill ..The 1 miligram pill is usually shaped like a little blue football. They will have more effect on you untill your body gets use to them DO NOT RIDE EVER while on them ...
  3. ditchdr

    ditchdr Registered

    it is the .5 mg I took, dont plan on going anywhere so no walls melting or anything lol..
  4. TXBusa05LE

    TXBusa05LE Registered

  5. SHADiGUY1

    SHADiGUY1 IT IS WHAT IT IS Donating Member

    nah not at all. Itwill relax you. The .5 is a low dosage. Wont effect you too much will just make you want to sleep . [​IMG]
  6. JusPlaynBob

    JusPlaynBob Registered

    You seem a little tense! [​IMG]
  7. ditchdr

    ditchdr Registered

    Been fighting anixety for a while now. finaly asked for help. Some days are bad, but most are good. Some days I cant find it in me to go to certain places.
  8. ditchdr

    ditchdr Registered

    I think it is starting to work, feeling a little more relaxed. Oh no wait thats cause my wife left to go to the store lol
  9. 99'busa

    99'busa Donating Member

    didnt work for my wife. no side effects either though. she only took about 20 pills. stopped cause it didnt do anything. everyone is dif. though [​IMG] good luck bro. hope it works for you
  10. Jaddie

    Jaddie Registered

    Dear Matt

    Xanax isn't too bad a pill to take. I've taken it's cousin, Klonopin, before. Both Xanax and Klonopin are highly addictive.

    I now take Seroquel. The best thing about Seroquel is that it's not addictive. It really helps with my anxiety, helps me sleep very well, and puts the kibosh on racing thoughts.

    When my wife and I were trying to conceive, I developed an anxiety disorder. Now eighteen weeks into her pregnancy, I'm beginning to get over the anxiety. I believe the 'Busa addiction may be helping with that. Instead of thinking of how many things I cannot control in my future children's lives, I'm thinking of the best way to put a shine on that new 'Busa, and I fantasize about how I may one day be able to make her wheelie.

    I wish you well as you combat anxiety.

  11. BlueHaya

    BlueHaya I'm outta here!!!! Donating Member

    ...just take one and listen to "Numb" by Pink Floyd.
  12. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    my tolerance for xanax is zero.... it kicks me sideways for some reason... morphine based meds do nothing to me...

    but then again I took one of those sleep aids and shaved my own head in my sleep [​IMG]
  13. SHADiGUY1

    SHADiGUY1 IT IS WHAT IT IS Donating Member

    seroquel is hardcore my wife was on that it gave her some bad Zanxiety attacks while on it.
  14. ditchdr

    ditchdr Registered

    Ok been 30 min and i feel pretty relaxed. One of my biggest fears is taking a medicine and being alergic ot it. being alergic to peanuts and having them almost kill me on more then one ocasion makes me a little aprenhensive(sp) about taking any kind of meds.. Anyhow alls good, and I feel a little more relaxed. Thanks for the replys folks.
  15. TA_GunSurgeon

    TA_GunSurgeon Donating Member

    I take xanax 1 mil. before bed. I use to wake up having panic attacks, but I haven't had one since i started taking them . I've been on them for about 9 months they are a huge help.
  16. Powers739

    Powers739 Donating Member

  17. Jaddie

    Jaddie Registered

    Dear Espedito

    Really? Wow! That's the first time I've ever heard of Seroquel causing anxiety. Seroquel is a relatively new drug, so I reckon the jury is still out on it. It helps me a lot, though. I take 100-150 mg per day (two to three 50mg pills).

    I'm sorry your wife had an adverse reaction to it.

  18. thrasherfox

    thrasherfox BUSA Donating Member

    I take them.

    I get a .5 prescrption and when I get the bottle I cut them all in half.

    When I start feeling overwhelmed, or if I know I am going to be in large crowds I take a half one (.25) if it gets real bad then I will take the full one (.5)

    I normally take a .25 about once a week.

    You need to watch it and make sure you dont take them too often, they can become addicting. if you find yourself taking them real often, like once a day or more you might need to get on a daily med.

    I had a friend who was on daily meds in the morning, then a different med at night and had a prescription for xanex on top of it when things got real bad
  19. thepushercg

    thepushercg veni vidi vici Donating Member

    ineeded one of those last night.

    back in my younger days i took them as a rec drug, very addicting. when you take enough you want remember a thing you said or done the next day. just take them as the doc prescribed they will help you.
  20. rubber2burn

    rubber2burn Donating Member

    Yep Xanex can be a very bad drug if abused watched a person very close to me go spiraling down hill because she abused that drug it was sad to she watch her go down that road and leave people to pick up all her messes.

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