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  1. beachz

    beachz Registered

    Bike is on the table and won't come off until the damaged plastic is replaced and my upgrades are installed. Almost everything is ordered and parts are starting to trickle in. Doubtful I will have time to touch it for the next week or so.


    BUSA CRUSEN Registered

    Can't wait to see what all you do to it. Take lots of pictures:thumbsup:
  3. mabupa

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    Nice!!!! I love this kind of threads!! :)
  4. card16969

    card16969 Registered

    me likey your garage lol
  5. beachz

    beachz Registered

    Thanks guys! It should be a fun project. I have spent the last two weeks getting the garage cleaned a set up so that I can work on her as much or as little as I have time without being in the way of the other stuff like the Beemer or riding lawn mower and the Z.

    There is a steel I-beam directly over the triple tree so I will be hoisting from there. I have been looking for an excuse to buy a hoist trolly and this looks like it. The lift table belongs to my dad but I have pretty much open access to it. He originally told me to just keep it, then realized he uses it to service his 4wheeler and mower. Always a BIG help and inspiration! Thanks pop!!!::6


    I also have to thank FallenArch and EarlyBird for keeping me on track with my mod list and helping me get the best bang for my buck within my budget. Most of the mods will go unnoticed from the outside. Although I will certainly forget something, here are some of the parts on my list:

    Left Fairing
    Center Fairing
    Left Signal Pod
    Foam Insulation
    Brembo 19RCS Radial MC
    Speigler Lines (+2")
    New front pads
    Speed Bleeders
    Woolich Datalogger/Flasher
    V&H Header (already running R77CF duals)
    BMC Filter
    Woodcraft Case Saver
    Woodcraft Rear Spools
    T-Rex Frame Sliders (If I can find somewhere to pre-order as they are out of stock)
    Schnitz Rear links +1
    90 deg valve stems
    Dunlop Q2s
    New fork seals
    Fork took kit

    One more HUGE thanks goes out to Justin at Honda East. Two thirds of my budget was spent with him and NOT just OEM plastic!!! I estimate I saved almost 25% over the best online prices I could find. If you need something, drop him a line. Not only that, he rides a 2008 Hayabusa! ::4

    Oh, and my motivation for this project is the damage I did a couple of weeks ago when I allowed her to fall off the stand in my driveway as I was closing my gate. :banghead:

    I will post some more pics as I move forward (or sideways and sometimes backwards)... :thumbsup:
  6. lil charlie

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  7. sanket_420

    sanket_420 Registered

    cant wait to see updated pics. love threads like this. GL :thumbsup:
  8. Merlot

    Merlot Donating Member

    I second that
  9. bigron

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  10. Jacobs

    Jacobs OEM Parts/Accessory guy Donating Member

    Thank you for the props! I'm just waiting on your fancy brake stuff to show up to get a package coming your way. The Vance and Hines header looks like they're still on back-order :banghead:
  11. beachz

    beachz Registered

    Well deserved, my friend. Wooohoooo! I love opening boxes. I told my wife yesterday that I should have ordered every part seperately so I had more boxes to open. :laugh:

    It looks like a race to see what gets here first... the header or the Woolich Datalogger/Flasher. ::4
  12. AF Chief

    AF Chief Registered

    Nice bikes...I love the Orange & Black 08's.
  13. EarlyBird

    EarlyBird Donating Member

    When you want help let me know!
  14. beachz

    beachz Registered

    Thanks Tim! I will be out of town this weekend and have a BIG work project starting next week. I have someone flying in Monday for that so I don't know what my schedule will be next week. We will work as much as it takes to get it done.

    I had previously set an alert at revzilla (and forgot about it) to send me an email when the V&H header was available. Well, I got one today so I assume it won't be long before Justin has mine. :thumbsup:
  15. mr8ball

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    :thumbsup::thumbsup: I love dealing with Justin at Honda East. He is a great guy.
  16. Jacobs

    Jacobs OEM Parts/Accessory guy Donating Member

    Heyyyyy Russ.....

    You have some parts on their way :thumbsup:

  17. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    Speaking of parts Justin...

    I forgot to call this morning to order the own lever bolts. :banghead: One of mine fell out. I'll call first chance I get. Maybe you can include it with my last order

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  18. beachz

    beachz Registered

    Thanks Justin! You rock!!! :cheerleader:

    I will be calling soon to order the SeaDoo parts I need. :thumbsup:
  19. beachz

    beachz Registered

    Well, I had a couple of hours this morning before I have to get to my "chores". I worked late every day this week except Friday so I haven't even been in the garage. The race between the datalogger and the header was a tie. They both showed up yesterday. :thumbsup: Thanks Greg and Justin!!!

    We have to go to a friend's son's graduation party (from firefighting academy) tonight so I am done for the day.

    Thought you all might like a few shots.

    Huge thanks go out to Blanca Busa for the tupperware removal tutorial! I had it right there while I was taking here apart!!! ::6




  20. beachz

    beachz Registered

    Made a little more progress today. Probably done for the weekend. I have some chores to do now. Next task will be getting the A/C-heating unit that I have had for a couple of years installed. The garage stayed pretty cool until about 12:30 but I have a feeling it's just going to get worse. If the storm hadn't blown through last night, it would have been miserable early.








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